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Where do you get your contact lenses? Think mine are too expensive (from Boots?)

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plipplops Fri 27-Jun-14 02:02:01

I've always been to Boots for eye care and have been wearing contacts about 18 months. Have astigmatism so use 'toric(?)" lenses, and could do with dailies but from Boots they're about £43 a month which is so expensive. Was chatting to a couple of friends the other day who use different opticians and it seemed way cheaper. Boots give you free eye checks and free contact lens check any time you want if you sign up to their plan (which I have), and I do think you get good service there but think I'm paying too much? Currently pay about £23 a month for monthly lenses and solution.

Would you mind telling me how much you pay for your lenses and what kind of service you get for that please?? Thanks!

Mustangspirit Fri 27-Jun-14 02:24:06

If you know your prescription you can get them online. I order mine from brilliant service and much cheaper than the opticians. The only thing to bear in mind is the lens and eye health checks that you get from the optician. I go for a lens trial every couple of years to make sure everything is as it should be.

WellIShouldNever Fri 27-Jun-14 02:55:06

I used to go to Boots, until i discovered Tesco are about �15 cheaper a month. I use daily disposables.

Gremlingirl Fri 27-Jun-14 05:46:59

I get daily lenses from Daysoft which are much cheaper than the high streeet. I do second the need for regular checks though!

Gremlingirl Fri 27-Jun-14 05:48:29

Sorry, I forgot the important bit - mine are about £13 for a months supply.

goshhhhhh Fri 27-Jun-14 06:24:02


American version of website is cheaper even in UK.

plipplops Sat 28-Jun-14 07:33:18

If you get them online don't you have to check with an optician when you first get them that they're ok? I've been trialling a new type at Boots and needed to go back after a week to check they fit (or something?)

And do the optician's mind if you don't buy from them or do you go and see an independent one? I do like the service at Boots so could have my checks there but get my lenses somewhere else?

Letthemtalk Sat 28-Jun-14 07:40:27

Asda, I use daily disposables and they are £9 a box

Shesparkles Sat 28-Jun-14 07:41:49

I get toric lenses from Asda opticians and I'm £36 for a 3 month supply! (3 pairs)

Letthemtalk Sat 28-Jun-14 07:42:28

Plipplops, once you've trialled your lenses the optician is obliged to give you a copy of your prescription. My last optician refused to give me one, which is why I now go to asda

TravellingToad Sat 28-Jun-14 07:45:19

I just got a copy of the prescription from the optician and then order from

Squiglettsmummy2bx Sat 28-Jun-14 07:47:13

I get monthly disposables from Specsavers & checks etc for £13 a month.

ElizabethMedora Sat 28-Jun-14 07:48:17

I get daily disposables from Daysoft.

FlipFlopWaddle Sat 28-Jun-14 07:49:08

I use specsavers, I pay £18 a month I think for continuous wear lenses so no solution but I get free eye tests and checks and free appointments if I have a problem (usually the same day), plus free glasses once every 2 years. I used to go to tesco but found that getting appointments was a nightmare. Whilst I could probably get a better deal online I like being able to see someone if I need to.

Tallypet Sat 28-Jun-14 07:49:59

I get mine from Daysoft too. All you need is your full contact lens prescription. They are so much cheaper and service is great.
Boots told me my daily disposable lenses were 'old fashioned' confused probably because they were on the hard sell. Only use Boots for eye tests now.

FlipFlopWaddle Sat 28-Jun-14 07:51:05

I've just looked and I actually only pay £15 - and that's for the more expensive lenses as the cheaper ones didn't suit my eyes.

JamJimJam Sat 28-Jun-14 07:54:36

I pay £22 a month to Specsavers.

This is for daily disposables and includes an eye test and free glasses.

PinkSquash Sat 28-Jun-14 07:58:12

I paid £18 for continuous wear lenses and solution for 3 months of the year with spec savers then £15 until I had corneal ulcers. They did free checks and have good offers on glasses too.

SoftKittyWarmKitty Sat 28-Jun-14 08:00:06

My last lot I ordered from Asda online and I've also used Get Lenses online in the past - I tend to go on MSE, look at their comparison and go with the cheapest. I go to Specsavers for eye tests and contact lens checks and they're absolutely fine with handing out prescriptions so you can get them elsewhere.

I've just logged into Asda opticians and a 12 month supply of my lenses would cost £336 - that's for Toric daily disposables so yours might be even cheaper. Asda also offer free aftercare if you take your receipt and prescription to an Asda optician. At £43 per month you are being seriously ripped off - that's £516 per year shock.

MikeLitoris Sat 28-Jun-14 08:04:31

I wear toric lenses for Astigmatism and specsavers told me dailies aren't possible. I have looked at some online places but I always get confused.

Specsavers is £15 a month for monthlies.

kitcat83 Sat 28-Jun-14 08:09:12

I wear dailies from vision express they are also toric lenses. I pay. £45 per quarter don't know if this is good or not?

SoftKittyWarmKitty Sat 28-Jun-14 08:38:11

Mike my lenses are both Toric for astigmatism and it's Specsavers that do my test and hand me my prescription. I then go online and buy Focus Toric Dailies. I think you need to approach them again, as Toric dailies clearly are possible!

Fairylea Sat 28-Jun-14 08:40:40

I get monthly ones from specsavers for £13 a month. The main perk is that you get free glasses too - I have a very high prescription so still have to pay for the lenses to be thinned (£60-90 depending on the frame I choose) but it saves me a fortune.

MikeLitoris Sat 28-Jun-14 08:40:57

Hmm. I'll definitely be asking again. The last time they wrote my prescription for me they made it impossible to read. I'm due back again next week so will ask again.

honeybeeridiculous Sat 28-Jun-14 15:46:31

Should have gone to specsavers!
I pay £13 a month for monthlies which includes cleaning solution, eye tests, contact lens check and a free pair of glasses every 2 years.

I believe the dailies are around £22

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