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what do you do about athletes foot and dishydrated eczema?

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Wailywailywaily Tue 17-Jun-14 07:53:09

I can only wear leather and cork flip flops all summer and still my feet are in bits.

I wash them daily, use talc and t tree oil. I occasionally resort to dactarin but rather not.

Any hints or tips as natural as possible please?

YellowStripe Tue 17-Jun-14 08:02:35

Watching for ideas!

I read somewhere about cutting out sugar makes a difference. Mine flares up horrendously in the heat - had a blister on the crease of my big toe which hurt like crazy, eventually clipped it, and of course hurts just as much.

I slather aqueous cream on as they're healing to stop them the cycle but have no solution for stopping the first outbreak hmm

Frontier Tue 17-Jun-14 08:05:54

I don't know about eczema but I keep my recurrent athlete's foot under control using Vicks (yes the stuff you rub on your chest)

I tried it first for fungal nail infection, as suggested on here - works a treat for that too - and an added bonus was that a small patch of AF cleared up too.

Just rub a bit in at the first itch.

gymboywalton Tue 17-Jun-14 08:07:15

Use the daktarin!!!

Get it under control with a proper anti fungal, there is a reason these things were invented!

bruffin Tue 17-Jun-14 08:07:31

I found compede blister plasters are brilliant for healing the cracks caused by the blisters, also stops the pain.

Frontier Tue 17-Jun-14 08:12:03

Daktarin works gym but it's only a matter of time before it comes back and like OP, I don't want to be using it regularly.

Wailywailywaily Tue 17-Jun-14 08:41:26

I had heard that cutting out sugar would help and I really, really want to cut out sugar, I just keep failing.

I also read that sugar is more addictive than heroine sad

Daktarin works on the athletes foot but not the dishydarted eczema and tbh its the eczema that is worse.

Wailywailywaily Tue 17-Jun-14 08:42:57

Blister plasters are great for the pain but not great prevention, also expensive.

gertiegusset Tue 17-Jun-14 08:48:11

Do you mean pompholyx which is like small intensely itchy blisters?
I get them on my toes too and have never found anything that works well so will watch this thread.

Wailywailywaily Tue 17-Jun-14 08:55:13

I googled it gertie, no my eczema is not as inflamed or apparently as itchy as pompholyx and not on the soles of my feet. I have small, and sometimes not so small, fluid filled blisters along the sides of my feet and occasionally fingers. Sometimes they are in my arches too but not often, after about a week they seem to dry out and then masses amounts of skin peals off. I know, nice! It is itchy but not intensely so and not particularly inflamed.

Wailywailywaily Tue 17-Jun-14 08:57:38

oops googled some more, it is the same thing grin

gertiegusset Tue 17-Jun-14 09:19:47

Yep, the very same and DD gets it too, they are soo itchy but you really shouldn't pop them although I admit to doing it, it does make it worse, I currently have a very sore patch between my left big toe and the second toe from popping them.
I use betnovate sometimes.

bruffin Tue 17-Jun-14 09:21:16

The sugar thing is a myth created to sell scaremongering books.

Eumovate which you can get over the counter does help with dyshidrotic eczema. It doesn't cure it but calms it quite a bit. I also burst the big blisters as this stops the itching and burning.
I found that mine is caused by hormone fluctuations. I used to get it on my fingers at the same time every month, now on my feet and tiny bit on my fingers (havent had it years on fingers) but again gets much worse as part of pmt. I am 51 and perimenopausal

OwlCapone Tue 17-Jun-14 09:28:45

The Lamisil Once stuff is brilliant.

OwlCapone Tue 17-Jun-14 09:29:29

For athletes foot, not eczema.

Wailywailywaily Tue 17-Jun-14 10:28:23

I hadn't noticed a hormone connection but thinking about it there might be. The only sure connection I can make is that if I wear shoes I get both athletes foot and dyshidrotic eczema. I love going barefoot but society seems a bit hmm about it.

Wailywailywaily Wed 18-Jun-14 13:42:28

So I have been alternating between Daktarin and Vicks and so far my DH thinks I've lost it, my feet smell great smile and things are clearing up.

Now to try to prevent the next flare

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