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Hair loss 6 months after miscarriage?

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BigBroIsWatching Mon 16-Jun-14 20:36:42

I has a missed miscarriage back in December 2013, which ended up with me having an ERPC under general anaesthetic.
Forward to January, and I had awful pains in my womb, got sent to A&E where they confirmed I had a womb infection due to retained placenta.

I have been experiencing hair loss for the past 6 weeks or so. It happens when I wash my hair or brush it. I'd say 30-40 strands could come out in one clump during a shower. I understand you can lose up to 100 strands a day, but this is ridiculous!

Could it be due to the usual pregnancy hormones that have settled down, affecting My hair? When I had my children, I experienced the usual hair loss but not so late.

The hair has come from the root but doesn't have the bulb; just a tiny dot at the end.

I have had a recent FBC including thyroid, and that was all ok.

I am due to see my GP next month for a check up (due to Hiatal Hernia) and i AM on Omeprazole. But the hair loss started way before I was on this.

winkywinkybumbum Mon 16-Jun-14 21:32:44

I would say it was. Sorry for your loss thanks

BigBroIsWatching Mon 16-Jun-14 21:45:49

Thank you for replying. This was our third loss, but two beautiful children! I guessed it was hormone related.

Coumarin Wed 18-Jun-14 09:35:18

I had a missed miscarriage after ivf treatment and also lost a lot of hair. It started about 4-6 months afterwards too. In my case it was the sudden drop in progesterone, as I was on high doses, as well as anxiety/stress.

It all grew back, in fact I'm sure it's thicker than it was before.

Very sorry for your loss. thanks

BigBroIsWatching Wed 18-Jun-14 09:57:31

Thankyou so much for replying! I am ever so sorry for your loss, too. So heartbreaking.

I'm trying to ignore it when I wash my hair and tell myself it will stop, but I usually have thick hair and for it to be getting fine, takes a bit of getting used too!

Coumarin Wed 18-Jun-14 20:30:31

I remember the feeling when you look down at a handful of hair in the shower. On top of everything else it's unfair. I was sure I'd have a bald bit even though my hair's very thick too.

But it stopped after about 3 months of doing it and it's all grown back, it was never visible but I can see the shorter bits coming through.

I'm very sure yours will stop and all grow back.

Coumarin Wed 18-Jun-14 20:32:07

I think I saw in another thread that selenium was recommended for hair loss by someone's GP. I also started taking iron and zinc which I think helped. Worth a try.

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