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lump on leg

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squirmyworm Sat 27-Mar-04 11:46:30

god I am sounding like a one woman crisis at the mo....

ds now has large (large!) egg shaped lump at site of his 3rd dtp - should I worry? what can I do? he seems ok in himself - a bit grumpy but I have assumed that to be teething....

twiglett Sat 27-Mar-04 12:31:58

message withdrawn

squirmyworm Sat 27-Mar-04 12:33:41

not that I recall - re aftercare

it was monday - thing that bothers me is that it's so big....

hercules Sat 27-Mar-04 12:34:06

My dd had a lump like this after vaccination for a couple of weeks.

hercules Sat 27-Mar-04 12:34:40

DDs was really big and hard too.

Jimjams Sat 27-Mar-04 12:34:52

might be worth ringing nhs direct. There is a reaction you can get a vax sites (dtp in particular I think) which comes up like this and needs treatment. But my memory of the details is hazy. I think this is the sort of thing they should be able to advise on.

coppertop Sat 27-Mar-04 12:38:01

I think they recommend seeing someone if the lump is as big as/bigger than a 10p piece but I'm not certain. Is the lump bigger than that?

nutcracker Sat 27-Mar-04 12:58:38

My ds had an enormous lump after his. It was very bruised and painful too and i was horrified. Luckily my mom was with me ehwn i first saw it and told me that my brother had one once too and it was nothing to worry about.
It lasted for about 4 weeks befroe it completly dissapeared.

squirmyworm Sat 27-Mar-04 14:13:14

yes it's bigger than a 10p - and he's really grizzly. have tried NHS direct but can't bl**dy get through. I'm thinking 'what have I done' re vax....

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