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Tender, painful veins in arm 2 days after general anaesthetic

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SloanePeterson Sun 15-Jun-14 15:16:17

I had a general anaesthetic on Friday and am still a bit tired and emotional about it so it's hard to know if I'm worrying over nothing. Yesterday I felt well, but tired. I assume the painkillers they gave me in hospital were still working. Since this morning my arm has slowly gotten more painful. I woke up with a sore wrist and thought it was probably where the cannula had bruised me a bit. But as the days gone on my whole lower arm hurts. I tried to get my baking tray out of the oven and yelped at the weight of a cake hmm. I have developed two very dark brown (I'm olive skinned) veins under the skin which are very painful to the touch and clearly are where they put the anaesthetic. I do remember when they did it, just before I fell asleep that they seemed to put it all in very quickly and it actually quite hurt. It seems to hurt more when my arm is dropped down, so I'm trying to keep it up. So are my veins just a bit bruised? Is it even worth going to the nurse tomorrow? I had an erpc and I've felt really weepy today so I don't really want to have to face anyone in the next couple of days.

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