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Does anyone have scleroderma, particularly en coup de sabre?

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BlameItOnTheMoonlight Sun 15-Jun-14 13:26:47

Any information would be much appreciated. Fairly sure I have en coup de sabre, and have had for a few years. - indent running from right hairline half way to nose. Also, indented, white, hairless section of scalp. My sister has similar.

Past few days I've had painful/numb/tingling/completely dead feet and hands. I've been tested for arthritis and hypothyroid, but came across systemic scleroderma. I know en coup de sabre is localised, but can sometimes lead to systemic?

Anyone with any info before I try to go back to the docs with it would be helpful, thank you.

BlameItOnTheMoonlight Sun 15-Jun-14 14:06:15


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