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Agony with my teeth

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Rokenswife Sat 14-Jun-14 22:46:21

My bottom front teeth have slowly been going crooked and overlapping slightly over the past few years (coinciding with my wisdoms coming through but I understand the jury is still out on that one) and it's never been a problem. Occasionaly I'll have a week or so of pressure but it passes. However this week they are so so so so very painful and the pressure is unbearable. I dream of one of my front teeth being pulled out just to relieve this constant pressure and pain. Has anybody else suffered with this? X

patrickduff20 Tue 17-Jun-14 06:12:57

Its better you visit nearby Dentist as soon as possible.
Actually I never faced such problem that's why I am suggesting this to you.
Get Well Soon my friend.

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