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Memory foam mattress

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poppy451 Sat 14-Jun-14 14:15:40

I have a slatted base bed, which is lovely but desperate for a new mattress, All the advice seems to be that a memory foam would work best. But having read some reviews I'm not so sure. As they cost loadsamoney - what do you mums out there think ?

craftysewer Sat 14-Jun-14 19:28:30

We have an Ikea memory foam mattress and I absolutely love it. Having spent years trying to find a comfy bed this one is bliss.

Thumbwitch Sat 14-Jun-14 19:31:24

I have a bad back. I bought a memory foam topper (2" thick) because it was supposed to be good for a bad back. WRONG! Because my back needs to stretch and straighten out overnight, the memory foam was exactly the opposite of what I need, because it just held my back in the same position as I went to sleep in. After 3 days I could barely walk.
My osteopath had a full memory foam mattress (and a bad back) - he sent it back within the 60 days because of the same problem.

Also if you get hot in bed, they're very "hot" mattresses. Doesn't matter what the salespeople say, they get hot. It's ok if you're a cool person, but I'm not.

DH, OTOH, loves the softness of the memory foam topper (but he doesn't have a bad back)

brokenhearted55a Sat 14-Jun-14 23:19:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Willdoitinaminute Sat 14-Jun-14 23:38:50

I suffered with sciatica for 18 months then invested in Tempur mattress about 15yrs ago. After a couple of uncomfortable weeks my back started to improve and was pain free 3 months later. DH didn't like it at first but once he'd done the 2 weeks acclimatisation he was fine and now won't sleep on anything else. If we go away sciatica makes a comeback after a few nights in non foam bed.
They take a bit of getting used to but you sleep better because you don't have to change position as much. You do get hot (not the mattress) but we went back to sheets and blanket in the winter, plus side is you don't need central heating on in the winter while sleeping. And you are unaware of partner moving in the night, no more rolling into the middle of the bed or being catapulted around when they turn over!
DS has a cheap version, it has a much thinner layer of the actual memory foam and it is no where near as comfortable as ours. It probably works ok for him as he is only 9 and much lighter.

CocktailQueen Sat 14-Jun-14 23:46:41

We have a fab memory foam mattress and dh and I sleep sooooo well in it. It means we don't sleep as well anywhere else. Got it from Feather and ?Black.

clairewitchproject Sat 14-Jun-14 23:47:00

we just bought a new matress with a memory foam top but it has coconut fibre in - or something - to keep it cooler - ours is a salus mattress, the magic ingredient is cocona. It's very comfy, no roll together, warmer than our old matress but not as hot as memory foam matresses I have slept on before.

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