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Close family member has had heart attack this week

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madasamarchhare Sat 14-Jun-14 06:47:30

However they also have an internal bleed so cannot be given the usual drugs such as warfarin or aspirin. Anyone had any experience of this and know what may be given instead?

HowsTheSerenity Sat 14-Jun-14 07:38:32

They can use other anti platelet drugs such as clopidogrel. It works in a similar way to aspirin and is used for people who can't take aspirin or warfarin. Are they doing stents etc?

Kundry Sat 14-Jun-14 08:06:41

If he's had an internal bleed they can't give clopidogrel either.

A lot of the treatment of a heart attack doesn't affect bleeding so he can have all of those treatments. They will also be treating the internal bleed. He/she may be able to have the drugs which make the blood thinner later when the bleeding has settled but it can be a very difficult decision.

However it does make things very much more complicated for him and I hope it goes well.

HowsTheSerenity Sat 14-Jun-14 08:19:03

And that's odd, half my message disappeared. Was meant to be cant use clopidogrel etc as it works..... Well I feel silly now.

madasamarchhare Sat 14-Jun-14 12:41:47

I appreciate your thoughts. Yes angiogram being done next week (we hope) no news yet about which drugs he will be given.

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