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My Dad has kidney cancer.

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gleegeek Fri 13-Jun-14 22:48:03

Hi my dDad(79) rang me today to tell me he has ureter and kidney cancer. I am in shock.

He lives on his own about 4 hours away and I want to give him a hug, but I can't go up to see him yetsad After a routine GP appointment (he had a heart attack about 4 years ago so he goes once a year to be checked over) they found blood in his urine sample. Completely in secret he's had ultrasounds, CT scan etc and the consultant rang him this morning to say he wants to remove his kidney asap.

I just can't believe this.

Flexibilityiskey Sat 14-Jun-14 10:06:34

I am sorry that you've had bad news. I hope you can get there to give him a hug soon, and that you have someone that can give you a hug now.

gleegeek Sat 14-Jun-14 10:47:00

Thank you. It still hasn't sunk in tbh. Dh isn't particularly huggy, but I told my friend this morning and got a huge hug(first time I've cried since Dad told me).

We're trying to work out if he could have the op nearer to us or my sister, as he lives in the middle of nowhere and it's termtime so difficult to stay away for too long. They said he'll be in hospital about 5 days and then convalescence...

I know nothing about this sort of cancer so we're googling frantically to try to work out how it might affect himsad

sanfairyanne Sat 14-Jun-14 12:53:37


nothing useful to add but i hope you are all doing ok.

Matildathecat Sat 14-Jun-14 12:55:03

My dad has a tumour in his kidney which was found because he was being scanned for his prostate cancer.

It sounds a bit different, but removal of the kidney is an option for him but the surgery has been described as quite 'minor' ( doesn't sound it). I'm guessing that for your dad they will want to have a good look all around to check for any further spread. It's a big shock but hopefully the doctors will have got onto it in good time and also cancers in the elderly do tend to be quite slow growing.

Good luck

Inkspellme Sat 14-Jun-14 13:11:30

hi. I am sorry you've had such upsetting news - I know how you feel having had a similar shock from a different cancer diagnosis for my own dad. His was very successfully treated.

My fil had one of his kidneys removed due to cancer. He thrived afterwards and several years later had his bladder removed for the same reason. He recovered completly from both operations. one of the things the consultant said to us at the time was that in an older person all growth slows down including cancer. He said that my fil would die with it but not of it. my friends mother is in the same situation and has the cancer controlled by surgery for the last 10 years.

From my own experience I would say not to panic. Don't look at the what ifs yet. I really thought we had lost my dad 2 years ago when he had a tumor discovered in his face. 12 hours of surgery sorted it. He also has lucemia (sp?) for the last number of years and he still has a completly normal life. step by step face the treatments together. take care.

mummmypirate Sat 14-Jun-14 20:00:39

Cancer is a terrifying word but please don't despair. My uncle had his kidney removed 2 months ago because a large tumour had been found. He's been told the surgery was successful and no more treatment will be needed - just a scan in 6 months. His surgeon told him to go home and enjoy a long life. As I understand it, kidney cancer is one of the most treatable types. The good thing is you know it's there and his Dr is taking action. I lost my Dad a year ago to lung cancer - but we (and he) had no idea he had it. As others have said, don't panic, it's shit and scary, but you'll get through this. I wish you and your Dad all the best.

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