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Big back molars

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Welshmum Fri 26-Mar-04 15:19:13

My poor little DD of 23 months is having a deal of trouble cutting her back teeth. I think it's made her ill all week - runny nose, cough, terribly grizzly and so on. I am worried about blaming teeth for everything though....anyone's little ones have alot of trouble with the last lot of teeth. (at least she will let me have a look now - we play doctors and shine the torch in her mouth. She thinks this is funny until she starts yelling again....)

Tippytoes Fri 26-Mar-04 15:44:04

Yes my ds is having the same trouble, he is cutting the big back ones at the moment, full of cold, dirty nappies. It made me laugh about the torch bit, as that is exactly what we do, and we call them the monsters, which he loves. By the way he is 2yr 4mths. I know what you mean about blaming everything on their teeth, but think that mostly these illnesses are down to them.

Are you from Wales with a name like that by any chance? I am from North Wales.

Welshmum Fri 26-Mar-04 15:46:23

Yes I am from north Wales originally. Living in London at the moment and trying to figure out whether to move back.

Tippytoes Fri 26-Mar-04 15:58:20

Oh yes definately move back!! I lived in London a few years ago when my dh job moved there - I only lasted 3 months and had to come home - hated it! Much more friendly round here I think. I am from Buckley.

meanmum Fri 26-Mar-04 16:04:15

how molars do they get? is it 4 or 8? ds is 26mths and has 4 already but has just started bad night patterns and i don't know if it is teeth or the new baby or both. do you know ow many they are supposed to get?

Tippytoes Fri 26-Mar-04 16:06:35

Not sure how many they get - ds seems to have been teething all the time - sure he has about 40 in there! lol

BTW - didn't mean to offend anyone from London before - sorry!

ponygirl Fri 26-Mar-04 16:19:11

Meanmum: 8 molars altogether. 4 nearest the front come 10-14 months; the other 4 at the back come 2-2.5. Nasty things. Ds2 is just cutting the first ones - very painful. But dd (now 3) got her second lot without me noticing.

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