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Diagnose me . . .

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ZadokTheBeast Sat 07-Jun-14 10:24:25

About 3 months ago, I bent over from a sitting position (in a cafe chair) to pick my 2 year old up on to my lap. I got this really weird pain/sensation under my ribcage on the left, like I had folded something internal over on itself and it needed to unfold. It wasn't exactly hugely painful but very very unpleasant. It faded over the course of the day.
Recently though, I've been getting the same sensation, not quite as intensely but more frequently, and usually when I bend over. I sometimes feel it a bit on the right side too. It's a bit sore afterwards, well not exactly sore but uncomfortable.
I've recently been investigated for another thing and in the course of that have had a liver ultrasound (all fine) and an endoscopy (normal). I have a chronic cough, which may or may not be related?
Otherwise well, 40ish, non smoker, not very overweight or anything.
I'm off out shopping now so I'm expecting a full diagnosis and treatment plan by the time I get back wink

ZadokTheBeast Sat 07-Jun-14 14:07:18

Nobody on call this afternoon?

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