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Vasectomy.....please share! Seriously worried about DH.

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Misfitless Fri 06-Jun-14 10:12:06

My DH had a vasectomy a week last Tuesday and is still in a lot of pain. We've been googling about post vasectomy pain (PVP) syndrome this morning and it doesn't look good.

Whilst we realise at this stage, a certain amount of discomfort is to be expected, he has been exchanging stories and experiences with friends over the past couple of days, and none of them experienced this...

He has pain in his tube in his groin area ...can't remember the medical name for the tubes. Anway, when the procedure was being done, he felt a tugging pain, and this pain is worse now than it was after the op.

It's seems almost medieval, when there are options for laser procedures these days, but he had the scalpel method.

The consultant also didn't have an assistant that day, as she had broken her arm, so it was a one man job..WTAF?

On the internet we've read horror stories about guys being in pain for the rest of their lives, not being able to have sex or even ejaculate, etc, etc.

Anyone have similar experiences (good or bad) that they can share? Currently can't contact the consultant as he's not available.

Can't stay online as have to go out, but will read any responses asap.

TIA for anyone who reads and replies.

Misfitless Fri 06-Jun-14 10:14:34

Forgot to say that we are at different GP surgeries, I have just enquired about the procedure being done through my GP and was told that they don't use the scalpel method angry sad

Misfitless Fri 06-Jun-14 23:40:21


Karoleann Sat 07-Jun-14 09:10:28

My DH had pain for a good couple of weeks after the procedure and it felt a bit odd for a month or so afterwards. He feels fine now - a couple of months on.

fivepies Sat 07-Jun-14 09:14:00

My DH was in a lot of pain for two weeks. One side was particularly bad and he too had the tugging sensation. I was really worried about post vasectomy pain syndrome....really, really worried. After a month he was fine. Normal sex life, no ill effects.

fusspot66 Sat 07-Jun-14 09:16:21

Is there any chance he has an infection?

AuntieStella Sat 07-Jun-14 09:21:26

It' too earl to be worrrying about PVPS specifically. It might happen, but that's pain which persists (or appears) beyond 3 months after the procedure. And yes, other than reversal, it's pretty much untreatable.

But definitions won't help him now. What happened in terms of procedure sounds normal 'no scalpel' vasectomies still require a small incision! By scalpel, to reach the vas. It only requires one doctor, but there would usually be a nurse present too.

If his pain cannot be controlled by OTC painkillers, or if you think there are signs of infection (swelling which increases, redness, hot to touch) go straight to your GP.

If it's not showing signs that require immediate attention, but it still doesn't seem right after two weeks, then it'll probably be worth getting an appointment to discuss.

I hope everything settles down for your DH in the next few days without intervention.

HappyHippyChick Sat 07-Jun-14 09:42:03

My dh really struggled with pain for a few weeks after his vasectomy. I think this was because he lifted our 3 yo in and out of a shopping trolley the day after the procedure. He is fine now.

TheBogQueen Sat 07-Jun-14 09:49:15

Still early days. DP had discomfort fir a few weeks and occasional discomfort fur the following 2years and now none at all.

DP was shocked at the procedure too, it was more painful and invasive than he was expecting. But it's brilliant now.

I suppose if he is concerned he needs to see his GP.

WiIdfire Sat 07-Jun-14 09:51:14

Vasectomy is easily a one person procedure so please dont worry about the lack of assistant. It wont have made a difference.

Idontseeanyicegiants Sat 07-Jun-14 09:54:31

Step away from Google! It really won't make you feel better.
DH had pain of varying degrees for around a fortnight but also got an infection. Does the area feel hot or does it smell funny? (Sorry!)
The tugging sensation sounds familiar, that lasted a while iirc.
Maybe a trip to the GP to make sure all is as it should be.

Misfitless Sat 07-Jun-14 23:29:49

Thanks everyone.

We both feel reassured by all your posts.

It's good to hear that others have felt the tugging sensation and gone on to be pain free with no lasting problems.

For all those who have suggested infection, I think he does have an infection. He's going to the walk-in centre in the morning.

Just one more thing...were others still experiencing sharp, sever shooting pains up the tube eleven days or so after the V?

Just wanting to clarify this as have re-read my OP and realised that I didn't actually mention the sharp shooting pain, as well as general constant pain.

Really appreciate people taking the time to post. thanks

lazydog Sun 08-Jun-14 05:05:01

Re: The "one man procedure" comment from Wildfire. It's definitely true - my GP of about 15yrs ago actually did his own shock

lazydog Sun 08-Jun-14 05:10:49

Darn. Irrelevant post, sorry. He may have done it himself, but apparently did have help grin

WiIdfire Sun 08-Jun-14 09:45:41

Haha thats brilliant. He may have had people to help but he didnt have a second surgeon there did he?
There was a surgeon on an Antarctic expedition who took his own appendix out once aswell...

Anyway, sorry to hijack the thread.
OP hope your husband starts feeling better soon.

TheFuzz Mon 09-Jun-14 13:17:49

He, I'm afraid my experience wasn't good, and I'm coming upto 2 years with constant pain.

My operation was bodged by the GP and he made a mess of the left, and cut a blood vessel. I was in pain from after the op, and it has never got better. I've had my epididymis cut off my left ball, but that's now exceptionally painful, and unless we can do some nerve blocks, then it's orchidectomy ! Flippin great. Ruined our sex life too.

You DH needs to get to the GP practice and at least get anti-biotics. PVPS can start immediately, and it is COMMON. 1 in 10 blokes get it, but the GP will deny it.

My Urologist told me it's very common.

I unfortunately would say to anyone getting the snip, the risk rates of PVPS are high. It's not nice. I survive at the minute on 60mg codeine and 1000mg paracetemol.

Apparently even cutting my testicles off may not help the pain.

Get your DH down to the GP ASAP.

I still have both dull pain and shooting pains !

Misfitless Mon 09-Jun-14 19:48:04

Oh TheFuzz sad I'm so sorry that this happened to you.

It makes my blood boil on your behalf, actually, so I dread to think how you must feel.

So, was the epididymis removed to try and ease the pain, if you don't mind me asking?

I hope the nerve block thing works.

This scenario is exactly what we were fearing might have happened to my DH - the constant pain, I mean, and the ruined sex life, not the cut blood vessel.

I can't believe neither of us researched it at all more thoroughly. I'm not exaggerating when I say we put more effort and time into finding the right person to fix our roof.

We very much thought it was a simple, straight forward and pretty risk free procedure; when my DH asked, there was no mention of how common PVPS is, or even that it existed. The consultant basically said that he's done so many thousand operations and never had any complaints..confused.

I appreciate you sharing all that, Fuzz, thanks.

DH does have an appointment with the GP tomorrow, and he's written him a prescription which he's collecting on his way home from work today.

I insisted that he stayed in bed all day yesterday..he literally didn't move unless he needed the loo. Part of the trouble, I think is that he hasn't actually rested since he had it done (he's self-employed, need I say more?)

It was all feeling a bit better yesterday, he still has the shooting pains and dull ache but nowhere near as frequent or as intense I think (but then,not sure if he's saying that so I worry less, iyswim.)

Misfitless Mon 09-Jun-14 19:51:18

Posted too soon...was going to say that today, after another day at work, I feel that it's much the same as it was before he rested.

Lazy and Wild grin

thanks to you two for making me grin, which on this particular thread, I didn't think was possible!

TheFuzz Tue 10-Jun-14 09:22:45

My epididymis was removed to see if that removed the pain, and whilst he was 'in there' the surgeon tidied up the severed blood vessel as that was 'pulling' and causing me pain. The epididymectomy scar is rather 'large' and I was told it only had a 50% success, but 50% is still better than nothing. The op. removed the groin pain but my issue is the extensive painful scar tissue left and the fact my left testicle doesn't 'move' about like it did. I do alot of sport, so I don't think an epididymectomy is a great idea, in hindsight !

I am hoping they will do a nerve block, but it's only temporary. My consultant won't do a surgical de-nervation due to the risk of killing the blood supply. But, if I can't get a nerve block, I will be getting the worse one cut out.

I've got to face the fact I may lose both.

What you tell me about the GP and them telling you nothing about the risks is the same for my GP, the other GP's in my practice, and the GP in another practice who did the Op. Only when you meet the Urology Team do you find out the truth.

The GP will not diagnose PVPS, that comes from a Urologost, and it will be another 3 months or so before you get a referral. I hope to see the Pain Clinic soon, but any treatment is likely to be some months after that. Initial consultation, then referral for 'intervention' then follow ups. Takes a long time.

We don't get frisky now more than once every 6-8 weeks due to the pain it causes. My GP goes very sheepish now.

I do hope this is just inflamation and bruising, but if it carries on beyond a couple of months, get a referral to Urology.

TBH there is nothing that can be done. The condition is very difficult to treat and heavy duty pain killers only take the edge off it.

I'm sorry your DH is self employed, must be a nightmare. Both op's left me being off work for over two months in total. The snip was over a month off sick it was that bad. The wound was gaping for a month, hence being off. Swelling was terrible, and included numerous GP visits and a trip to A&E as the pain was so bad.

Despite the epididymectomy being much more invasive (4cm incision and the whole testicle being removed from the body before the epididymis is cut off and then stitched to the scrotum so you dont get torsion) that was much less painful than the snip - how does that work ?

I do hope this is just a blip for your DH. I can't see my condition improving.

Misfitless Tue 10-Jun-14 10:02:01

Oh FUzz words fail me!

Trying to get in the mindset of a man, this must just be about the worst thing that can happen to your body, (except terminal illness, or paralysis.)

Your OH must be shell shocked too, and devastated to be going through this with you and being unable to help.

Because I've just had a gut feeling that something's gone wrong, I've been thinking the worst, and have been inwardly really upset and extremely angry by what I see as a bit of a botched I feel for your OH, too.

It's early days for us..two weeks today, and there are now signs of improvement, which is reassuring, but still I have this feeling that things aren't as they should be.

There is an infection, too. He started the antibiotics last night.

This must have been the hardest and longest two years of your and OH's lives. I know nothing I can say will help or make any difference, but I am so, so sorry. It sounds like a living nightmare.

Hope you are managing to keep strong and together..I can only at this point imagine how this must chip sledgehammer through self esteem, which itself brings its own problems.

My DH is trying to keep positive, but I know that it's affecting him..he too is very active and does a lot of sport, and being unable to do that does affect his mood.

Thanks for the advice. It's very useful to know about asking for a referral to urology after a couple of months, I will definitely bear that in mind.

TheFuzz Tue 10-Jun-14 14:10:42

I was on antibiotics after the three weeks, but it was a minor wound infection, stopping it close - no goo or anything.

I was tested again in Urology and offered three months of anti biotics, but when I said to the consultant 'there isn't an infection though as your tests prove' he backed down. The usual treatment is three months of antibiotics, to rule out bacterial epididimitis. With vasectomy, it's caused by the pipes being blocked, and the body being unable to absorb sperm fast enough into the blood (that can also cause an autoimmune response as sperm isn't supposed to be absorbed into the blood - it's a foreign object).

It's why I am so against any form of surgical contraception male or female - you won't be told the risks, and the effects are irreversable. The complications are too high.

If I had been told there is a 10% risk of what I have now, and the effects it actually has, I would have run for the hills. I was told 1000 to 1 and the Doctor had never seen anyone with it - he obviously lied as the same NHS Trust said they see loads. Even the Nurses on the ward told me they see loads of blokes back in for additional surgery following the snip at a GP practice.

When I was in A&E, the staff said 'oh god, we didn't do it did we' !

swooosh Tue 10-Jun-14 14:13:43

Tugging very normal. No matter what local anaesthetic you have you will still feel a 'sensation' rather than pain.

I've never seen more than one consultant doing the procedure, ever.

Pain can last a couple of weeks. It is likely still swollen. He can take painkillers.

summertimeandthelivingiseasy Tue 10-Jun-14 15:38:49

It is interesting to read this - it had not occurred to me, in spite of degree in biology, that sperm are, of course, a foreign body! My DH is developing some sort of auto-immune problem anyway, so I am glad I resisted pressure to 'send' him for a vasectomy. It may be right for some people, but I never felt it was the right thing for us.

Best wishes for a full recovery for Mr Misfitless and improvements for TheFuzz.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Tue 10-Jun-14 15:50:11

He needs to get checked out to rule out an infection. Dh had one and was off work for 2 weeks with pain killers and anti biotics.

Some men are back at their desks the next day, some aren't, same as any other op.

MabelSideswipe Tue 10-Jun-14 16:05:58

My DH got an haematoma and huge swelling and was in pain for months after. We had no idea what was wrong and had to rely on google. The risks are totally minimised and it makes we despair that its so common that any man who is nervous about having the snip is deemed a whimp.

It got gradually better and there is now do permanent effects.

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