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Help!! Under active thyroid, vitamin d deficiency, low iron and low b12

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RockinD Fri 06-Jun-14 18:34:47

These are what I take:

ELR Fri 06-Jun-14 18:25:24

One more question, what is the best iron to take I take spatone at the moment 2 sachets a day but clearly it's not really working! I used to be around 9 then went upto 12 then once I was 24 but went back down again to 13. I'm funny about taking tablets ect just can't stand the thought of all the manufactured stuff. I am happy to take good quality supplements and don't mind paying for them.

ELR Fri 06-Jun-14 18:19:18

Thanks rockinn you found my post!!
T4 is 12.3 (10.30-24.50)
Tsh is 6.66 (0.40-5.50)
Vit d is 48 (50-120)
B12 370 (174-1132)
Serum ferritin 16.7 (13-150)
I'm out of range for everything but b12 is in range and says satisfactory result.
On previous thyroid tests I've been 6.13 and it's said retest in 3 months but this time it says doctor to speak so I'm hopeful!
What is the b12 spray?
Thanks for all the advice too purple and fiona it is NHS. Not too bothered about what gp says I will just deny all knowledge!

RockinD Fri 06-Jun-14 18:04:28

Here we are again smile

It always makes it easier with test results if you can quote the reference range as well, as where you sit within the range can be crucial and they vary from lab to lab. However, assuming you are in the UK and applying the ranges that we use where I live:

TSH too high
FT4 too low

I'm guessing therefore that the active hormone FT3 will also be too low, which will be contributing to the way you feel.

B12 should be above 500. Your GP is unlikely to recognise this as it is within the reference range at this level, but you can buy sublingual lozenges that will raise it quite quickly. 1,000mcg a day should do the trick. They won't break the bank - I'd just do it. That's what I did.

If that 16.7 is a serum ferritin result (rather than a serum iron) then you need to get it up as fast as you can to over 70 and preferably over 100.

You need to get all your vits and mins optimal, firstly because you will feel better and secondly because thyroxine doesn't work unless they are optimal.

If your TSH result is above range, your GP does not really have any excuse not to treat you. What is the point of having reference ranges if they then go on and ignore them. Some doctors hang on until TSH is 10, but this is not to be encouraged if you are symptomatic. They do rather over-rely on the TSH test: FT4 and FT3 are more important.

For more advice, post on the Thyroid UK forum in Health Unlocked.

Purplehulk Fri 06-Jun-14 17:20:24

You have pretty much described my DH.
He has Hashimito syndrome. It stated with low thyroid then after a few years he got pernicious anaemia.
It is now completely under control, he takes a thyroxine tablet every day and has a B12 jab every 3 months, and leads a perfectly normal life. On the plus side his prescriptions are now free wink
Go get it checked out, it's quite common and nothing to worry about once your meds are sorted.
Best of luck OP

Finola1step Fri 06-Jun-14 17:17:30

I can't comment on the levels apart from Vitamin D. 48 may not be classed as low. I have been taken a daily high dose Vit D3 supplement for 3 months and it has made me feel much better. So if it is offered, def take it.

Ask the GP to confirm the various levels in terms of whether they are outside of the normal range, by how far etc.

I think you will need to think carefully about how to explain why you received extra blood tests that your GP did not order. Was this NHS?

ELR Fri 06-Jun-14 17:06:47

Surely someone has an insight?

ELR Fri 06-Jun-14 11:36:27

Bump x

ELR Thu 05-Jun-14 23:41:54

Been feeling really rough recently, napping every afternoon, bones, muscles and joints aching ect ect I could go on......but would be here all day.
Been and had bloods done was a bit cheeky gp only requested vit d but I ticked the others when I got outside the surgery. These are my levels:
T4 12.3
Tsh 6.66
Vit d 48
B12 370
Serum ferritin think this is iron 16.7 quite high for me I'm usually only around 12-14!

Got an app with gp on Monday what should I be saying to him? I've been back and forwards for last two years with what they say is borderline thyroid never had vit d tested before and my iron is always low.
What does the level need to be for getting medication for thyroid?
Also b12 is classed as satisfactory but it's still at the lower end, can I push for a supplement?
Could there be a reason why I'm deficient an underlying cause?

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