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Bex2234 Thu 05-Jun-14 16:48:47

I'm after some advice please.
I am a first time mummy my son is 6 weeks old.
My problem is that his auntie has MRSA.
She wants to see her nephew obviously but I'm a little worried that he might catch it from her?!?
Does anyone know how likely that is? If it's something to worry about?
Or am I just being over protective?!

Greenoes Thu 05-Jun-14 17:11:09

Hi, I'm a nurse so have a teeeeny bit of MRSA knowledge but someone else might know better!

I work in critical care and occasionally there are relatives who want to bring new born babies to visit (usually if the patient who is receiving treatment in Intensive Care is unlikely to survive). I always advise them that there is a risk and that if it was my child I probably wouldn't bring the baby in.

Most of society has MRSA intermittently throughout our lives but can fight it off. It becomes a problem if we are unwell or have open wounds. It's not a massive risk to be in the same room as someone with MRSA if you're healthy but good hand hygiene is a must to prevent cross contamination.

More info might help you to make a choice -

where has your sister tested positive?
Does she have open wounds?
Is she "colonised"?
Would she want to hold your baby or just meet him/her?

What have health professionals advised your sister regarding this?

Congratulations on your baby grin

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