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T2 Diabetes help please

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Bogeyface Thu 05-Jun-14 14:24:29

Specifically about Prof Roy Taylors research into weight loss.

H has been diagnosed, his fasting level is 9. We have been looking into it and both feel that the drastic weight loss that Prof Taylor trialled is worth a try if it can help lower his levels dramatically or better still, put him into T2 remission.

The thing is that he works in a physically demanding job so I am concerned that a 600 or even 800 cals a day liquid only diet would be too low and he would end up off sick. I have devised a diet on 1000 calories which I think would work with him eating 6 times a days so no long gaps between food. It would involve soups and shakes (home made) with a meal at around 5pm of protein and veg, no carbs. Also taking vit/mineral supplements. Rather than achieving 15% loss in 8 weeks, I think he would manage it in 12.

Has anyone done this? Has it made a difference?

We really want to get him into remission if we can but with his lifestyle, following the letter of Prof Taylors plan would be impossible.

crazykat Thu 05-Jun-14 14:32:51

Don't drastically alter his diet without speaking to his specialist or dietician. It could be very dangerous if his blood sugar drops too low.

If he wants to try this then it must be under guidance of his specialist.

Bogeyface Fri 06-Jun-14 00:44:33

Don't drastically alter his diet without speaking to his specialist or dietician

crazy we wont, dont worry!

But we are trying to find an appropriate weightloss plan that wont cause him issues and wont cause his GP to refuse to support it whilst also giving the drastic weight loss he needs, his is not morbidly obese but is very overweight.

I think we have found it. I misunderstood that Prof Taylor was pushing the speed, but he isnt. He says that the amount of weightloss is the important not how long that weightloss takes.

kitkat1967 Fri 06-Jun-14 09:45:11

Bogey - I developed T2 diabetes last year (due to steroids) - my glucose level was over 20 for several months(!!) - but I have got it down to 6.5 (and hopefully still reducing) by diet and exercise. My BMI was 25 and it is now 21.5. I go to the gym 5 times a week and eat a very low sugar, low carb diet. I have not been trying to reduce calories or lose weight but it has been a side effect of the other changes.
I have to say I feel fantastic so will def continue.

I know mine was always potentially reversable but until I changed diet and lifestyle there wasn't much improvement.

TheFuzz Mon 09-Jun-14 13:25:20

You are better off with exercise than any diet. He needs a balanced diet anyway with T2, and being silly with weight loss diets is dangerous.

Does he have access to the diabetes team and the dietician for advice.

We use our Team alot, but this is for T1 which is completely different from T2.

eurochick Mon 09-Jun-14 13:29:56

If he's that overweight and has a physical job, it shouldn't take him needing a 1000 cal diet for the weight to be falling off. He'd be better off with 3 sensible low GI meals a day (and suitable snacks in between, if he needs to eat more often). My Dad was diagnosed with Type 2 last year. He was in a similar position. He slimmed down loads by eating sensibly. Hopefully he will be able to be off the drugs soon.

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