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Clicking neck driving me crazy!

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CiderLover Thu 05-Jun-14 11:32:56

Has anyone experienced this? It's only when I turn my head to the right, it feels like a click right at the back of my neck. It's quite loud. No pain or anything.

Somethimes it sounds like something is grinding. I suffer from health anxiety and dislike doctors but this is worrying me.

I've had it for about 1 month now.

I wonder if it's because I sit at a desk all day...

PJ67 Thu 05-Jun-14 23:06:57

Hi. I get this in my neck when I move from side it side and upper back when I bend down. I remember mentioning the neck grinding/clicking feeling to a chiropracter and he said it was nothing to worry about. Try not to focus on it as I haven't thought about it for months but just moved my head and could hear the grinding sound so I can see that if you think about it too much it can become very obvious.

thenightsky Thu 05-Jun-14 23:12:46

I get the same thing and I sit at a desk all day too. The grinding is awful when I roll over in bed. I saw a physio who thought I had the beginnings of osteoarthritis in my neck vertebrae.

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