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Experiences of Cystoscopy & Urodynamic investigations

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joencaitlinsmum Tue 03-Jun-14 14:45:13

Due to have these tests in a couple of weeks, anyone have any experience good or bad?

IndigoBarbie Tue 03-Jun-14 22:51:39

I've been through these, for investigations around desperation and constant feeling 24/7 of requiring to urinate. The urodynamics were first, to check capacity of bladder and flow' rate, this was fine to experience, very gentle nurses and part of this was to insert a catheter to fill the bladder, and then have sitting on a commode type idea set up to a PS which measured all the info.
Cystoscopy I had under general and it was slightly painful to pee that day and the next day, I sat in a full bath afterward and to help me - it was quite nippy but bearable.
Better to be checked out. IN the end up I diagnosed myself and turned out to be correct - diet related interstitial cystitis - ie too much potassium foods. Best of luck x

Ilovefluffysheep Fri 06-Jun-14 08:35:11

Urodynamics - have had them 4 times. First time I was only 18, nurse was an old bag, and experience was horrendous. Other times were fine. It is uncomfortable, as they try and fill your bladder up as much as you can take to get an idea of what's going on. However, with the nice nurses they stopped filling when I said it was too painful for any more to go in. They then get you to do things like cough(check for leakage), jump (same thing) before you pee on the special toilet! Just to make you aware (so it's not a surprise!), 2 lines are put in, one into your bladder so they can fill it up, the other in your back passage. This is so they can measure the pressure on your bladder, and doesn't hurt.

Cystoscopy- I've had 3, and possibly having one next week after some major bladder surgery hasnt worked as they anticipated. All done under general. I can't remember much soreness after any, maybe a tiny bit after initial wee.

I'm a veteran of pretty much every bladder test/treatment going, and sadly none have worked, but I know they do for lots of people.

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