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Teething - how do you know?

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LastChance Wed 24-Mar-04 20:20:08

It sounds like a pretty silly question really but I'm concerned that my 3.5 month old is starting the teething thing but I don't know for sure. Is he too young or can they start about now?

His gums are not red but he constantly chews
a) his hands,
b) my finger,
c) his muslin/bibs/clothes
d) his teething ring on his (at the moment) favourite toy.

Am I mis-reading this? Could he want to be weaned? Oh hell! Why didn't they make babies that could tell you what's up?????

Jzee Wed 24-Mar-04 20:23:41

I'm no expert, but it does sound like the first signs of teething and my little one was a similar age when he started.

Clayhead Wed 24-Mar-04 20:24:26

Ermm, yes they can start at 3.5 months (my dd did) but they can also chew on things for ages without teething. I think they chew things because they've 'found' their mouth and get things to it and also becuase they feel things with their mouth rather than their hands. They put things in their mouths for ages, regardless of when the teeth come.

It doesn't mean you have to start weaning.

For mine teething came with funny wet poos, crying and restlessness in the night, red patches on cheeks, runny nose, red, inflamed patches on the gum.


LastChance Wed 24-Mar-04 20:25:35


Did yours also start having difficulty sleeping in that my ds sometimes (not always) will scream (and he's generally a really happy baby). Glad to know that he's not too out of the norm.

twiglett Wed 24-Mar-04 20:26:05

message withdrawn

SenoraPostrophe Wed 24-Mar-04 20:27:47

Both of mine went through a big chewing phase (ds is doing it already and he´s 2 months). Doesn´t necessarily mean anything.

They do chew things when teething, but ime you usually get one or more of the following symptoms as well:

- lots of dribble
- nappy rash and nasty nappies generally (related to the dribble, apparently)
- rosy cheeks
- general grumpiness

and red gums.

Mind you, teething could start for yours at any moment. Or it might not start for a few months. If he's not crying/grumping more than usual then it's probably nothing.

LastChance Wed 24-Mar-04 20:29:33

Twiglet/Clayhead...thanks ever so. He does drool lots but his poos are pretty much the same as they ever were.

I couldn't feel anything along his gums other than a hard ridge which I took to be not teeth!!??

Would it be harmful to give him a drop of calpol before his next nap (which he sometimes has difficulty sleeping right through in)?

LastChance Wed 24-Mar-04 20:32:24 dinner is in danger of burning as I keep jumping up to stir the chilli then sit back down again to talk with yous guys.... Ho Hum!

Clayhead Wed 24-Mar-04 20:35:27

LastChance, have you tried one of those teething rings you can keep in the fridge? My ds finds them soothing. Also any other toy he can chomp on.

Evita Wed 24-Mar-04 20:50:43

DD chewed anything and everything, including her poor knuckles, for 10 months before she finally got a tooth. I don't think that's a sign enough in itself, nor dribbling. She always got awful acidic smelling nappies and a rash round her mouth, both results from the extra tooth drool. (Sounds lovely, huh? Enjoying your chilli?!) I looked for ages for bumps on her gums but really when they're there they are v. hard to miss.

LastChance Wed 24-Mar-04 20:50:45

Yes...he threw it on the floor. He prefers his teething ring on his lion toy! Gonna have my dinner now....will check in later tonight for updates. Thanks all....I really appreciate this.

lou33 Wed 24-Mar-04 20:51:04

Mine all had their first teeth through at 3 months.

LastChance Wed 24-Mar-04 21:33:59

Well, thank you all once again. I've had my dinner now (it was dh thought it was REALLY YUMMY... what a sweetheart) We've just done the washing up and soon it will be feed time for ds. Cross fingers he'll sleep right through tonight....should do....he's scoffed enough grub to sink a battleship!

I'll keep a close eye on ds and check out his gums, poos and drools(oh what a lovely life we lead!) every day.

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