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Stomach/ chest pain

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helensburgh Mon 12-May-14 20:35:06

Have name changed as recounting this scenario would out me.

2 year history of vague discomfort upper abdomen, mainly right hand side.

Worsened, episodes more severe pain, went to GP over a year ago, arranged ultrasound which showed a gallstone, unfortunately I hadn't read the part at the bottom of the letter re fasting and hadn't, so they couldn't see what state my gallbladder was in.

Went to see consultant who listed me for gallbladder removed, I chickened out and cancelled.

Pain increased went back to GP to discuss, persuaded Tao,go back onto list.

Went for pre op appt. saw consultant who didn't think pain corresponded with gallbladder issue, diagNosed me with chordio something or other ( inflammation of ribs)

Pain worsening , went GP, agreed inflammation ribs.

Now it's pretty constant pain with worsening fLare ups , of central upper abdom pain, very severe. I passed out last weekend when ita happened , presume due to,pain. Ambulance called, diagnosed anxiety attack.

Back to GP eventually referred for endoscopy. Last night another attack of severe pain.


Pain is right in middle between the bottom of my bobs on breastbone.

Any ideas?

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