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Supporting my friend through chemo

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Rosedust Mon 12-May-14 17:45:02

My friend is due to start chemo next month. I'd like to get her some things to help her through it (in a small way).

So far I've thought of a DVD box set that doesn't need too much concentration to watch, some books and music to listen to.

I'd also like to get her some toiletries that she'll be able to use. Any know of any good ones?

Any other suggestions gratefully received!

Feel so helpless and want to do something nice for her x

malteserzz Mon 12-May-14 18:15:11

You sound like a lovely friend smile It might be obvious but make sure the DVDs, music and books are quite light in content and not sad. Other suggestions could be nice picky bits of food, anything ginger is good as it helps with the nausea. You could say you will take her out for lunch or coffee when she feels like it too.

LovelyBath Tue 13-May-14 16:29:39

The things in Neals yard remedies are lovely and a treat.

TequilaMockingbirdy Tue 13-May-14 16:35:40

Aw you sounds really nice.

DVD and box sets brilliant, maybe a couple of books if she feels well enough to read? It can get boring.

Toiletry wise try not to get anything too scenty if you get me, in case it kicks the nausea off. I think fresh smells would be the best, nothing too creamy or sweet.

It's cliche, but new pj's always. You always feel a bit better when you have new pjs.

Lemon and ice water with a bit of ginger, she might appreciate that x

helzapoppin2 Tue 13-May-14 17:30:46

This may be totally inappropriate, and for later, but she will probably lose her hair. I did after my second dose. My best friend cut it really short for me. It meant a lot at the time. I had a couple of wigs, but also a military type but trendy baseball cap, bought from the mens section for days when it was too hot to wear a wig.
I wore that and big earrings, and a shed load of make up because you lose your body hair, including eyebrows and I became a bit featureless without them.
I had scarves, but it's hard to keep them on a bald head, and some of the turbans are a bit yucky and medical looking, and I felt defiant and wanted to invent my own look. I probably looked a fright, but I was happy!
Sorry, bit long and possibly inappropriate, but maybe there's a few tips there!

Rosedust Tue 13-May-14 17:37:16

Thank you everyone thanks

All those suggestions are really helpful - I'm going to start getting a box together this week.

I've another friend who makes hats and has made some for cancer patients who have lost their hair. I'll keep that in mind for later down the line - thank you helzapoppin2

Lonecatwithkitten Tue 13-May-14 19:29:18

Would she like a chemo buddy? My friend like a constantly changing chemo buddy to get her her frapuccino, chat to her and just be company. She always said it was worth a million magazines. She also like things to look forward to in her 'week off' chemo. Famously one week she attend glee, Bon Jovi and Take That Concerts.
She never waited for the sun to shine and did a huge amount f dancin in the rain.

gingeroots Thu 15-May-14 10:57:53

I had a friend who would arrange for flowers to be delivered - it was one of the things I appreciated most when I was ill or miserable . Just looking at them .
Might be me but avoid those dark yellow orchid types ( I was freaked out by the face like quality and the shade of yellow which matched what I was bringing up ) . Dont get hard spikey /structural stuff but gentle fluffy stuff .

I think toiletries are tricky . I'm a fan of Rosemary as a fresh smelling uplifting scent . But avoid choosing anything in a favourite brand as I found I now can't smell it without associating it with feeling ill .

You sound like a lovely friend .

PS tell her they've got loads of anti emetic drugs and if she's suffering sickness wise to get back to them straight away .Or you could offer to phone on her behalf _ I know when I was ill it took a lot of effort to ring .

crazykat Thu 15-May-14 11:06:35

My mam bruised very easily when she was having chemo so I got her some arnica cream to help. She also had very dry skin so am unscented moisturiser would be good.

It was also a couple of days after the chemo that she'd be hot by the tiredness so maybe some snack type things like ryveta that can be kept at hand and don't need preparing for those days.

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