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Any idea what this is (pic included)?

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PTFswife Mon 12-May-14 13:09:12

Many years ago I had a red freckle (cherry angioma) removed from just below my bra line as it would catch. There was a patch of scar tissue left and the red freckle grew back, smaller than before and not raised.

Fast forward to last week when all of a sudden that same red freckle felt like there was a hard lump underneath it, about the size of a pea, very painful to the touch - almost like a blind spot.

I did not squeeze it. I did prod it slightly to feel how big it was. It has developed a look of bruising/discolouration around it now and a week later, it is still the same. I didn't go to the doctor in case it was just a spot but it is still hard, sore and a definitely lump under the skin. The pic doesn't really show the lump but you can see what it looks like.

Any ideas?

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