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Piz Buin Allergy or 1-day for holiday in Corfu?

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TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Sun 11-May-14 16:55:14

We're going next weekend so it won't be blistering, & I won't be sunbathing, anyway but my skin is weirdly sun-sensitive & breaks into red itchy bumps in some places, purplish pin-prick dots in others.

I just want to be able to walk around in the sun & be comfortable!


specialsubject Sun 11-May-14 18:20:07

loose clothes?

temperature irrelevant. Peak UV is one month away.

rabbitstew Sun 11-May-14 19:13:00

And there was me thinking your post was about how you were possibly allergic to Piz Buin and I was going to say, "Me too! It makes me break into red itchy bumps." grin

I presume you're certain it is always the sun you are reacting to, and not the effect of the sun on a chemical suncream, or prickly heat? To be on the safe side, you could try something like Sunsense Toddler Milk - it was recommended to me by a dermatologist!...

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Sun 11-May-14 20:58:57

Oh I do the long loose clothes anyway, specialsubject - but forearms, feet & ankles, chest & neck still catch some sun

Rabbitstew, I've been getting it for 40 years - can't blame Piz Buin (I have read about them changing one ingredient & people coming out in rashes)

What I get is PEL I think, though I used to call it prickly heat

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Sun 11-May-14 21:00:59

Also I had a 6-month course of chemo 13 years ago & it's been worse since then

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Sun 11-May-14 21:04:15

Just googled the sunsense toddler milk - that sounds very promising, thanks!

TheOneWithTheNicestSmile Thu 22-May-14 10:43:13

rabbitstew - the sunsense toddler milk is absolutely perfect, thanks so much for the suggestion smile It's lovely to use & really effective. I was on an open boat for 3 hours yesterday (out at 9.30 am, back at 2.30pm) plus wandering around in the sun in between & had no problems at all!

rabbitstew Thu 22-May-14 21:29:23

Brilliant! smile

SocialMediaAddict Sat 24-May-14 22:09:55

My severely allergic son can only use piz buin allergy.

notapizzaeater Sat 24-May-14 22:20:37

I have sun allergy and the only way I can sit in the sun is using Piz buin allergy cream. I never burn and go a lovely shade of brown. However I used it on my son for the first time ever this week as we'd ran out of his P20 and he had an allergic reaction to it confused

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