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Couple of hashimotos questions if you don't mind?

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itwillbebetter Sun 11-May-14 11:11:06

Have felt ill for a couple of years and Gp wouldn't consider thyroid because TSH predictably 'normal' (ranged from 3.02 - 3.98) I kept explaining that this was far from optimal and I had every symptom going. Therefore I have just seen a private endocrinologist and results as follows

TOTAL THYROXINE(T4) 93nmol/L 59 - 154
FREE THYROXINE16.1pmol/ 12.0 - 22.0
FREE T3 3.6pmol/L 3.1 - 6.8
D.H.E.A. Sulphate 7.6umol/L 0.26 - 11.0
25 OH Vitamin D52nmol/L 50 - 200
Interpretation of results:
Deficient <25 nmol/L
Insufficient 25 - 49 nmol/L
Normal Range 50 - 200 nmol/L
Consider reducing dose >200 nmol/L

Thyroglobulin Antibody * 130.6 IU/mL0-115(Negative)
Method used for Anti-Tg: Roche Modular
Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 18.1 IU/mL 0 - 34
Method used for Anti-TPO: Roche Modular

So because of positive thyroglobulin antibodies and taking into account my obvious symptoms she has given diagnosis of Hashimotos.

My questions are as follows;

Can I have Hashimotos if thyroid peroxidase antibodies are within range?

As the thyroglobulin antibodies are not really high, could this just be a blip and they may go back down to normal, or is it the case that once you have had a positive elevated test then you remain having Hashimotos?

She has advised me to go gluten free and commence Vit D supplements as levels not great. I am having further tests for adrenal fatigue and candida overload and until she sorts them she doesn't want to medicate for the thyroid as she explained that as she feels I have adrenal problems I may feel a lot worse until these are under control.
I am also going yeast and sugar free so fairly restricted!

I feel a bit of a 'fraudster' with the hashimotos diagnosis as the antibodies were not really elevated, or is this me just being in denial?
Sorry for massive post thanks

RockinD Sun 11-May-14 13:57:29

Well it certainly looks like Hashi's to me. I don't think you need to look any further than the fact that one of your antibody results is positive. Even if you discount that, you still definitely have thyroid issues - that FT3 is far too low for comfort.

It sounds as if you are having good advice from the endo. Get your vit D up, make sure your adrenals are OK etc. There is a rider in the PIL for thyroxine that says you should be sure adrenals are OK first and mainstream GPs' ignoring this is the cause of a great deal of distress to a lot of people.

I think you're on the right track ultimately and in the end the treatment is the same, whether you have antibodies or not.

itwillbebetter Mon 12-May-14 10:36:42

Ah thank you, reassuring to hear that I'm on the right path smile

naty1 Mon 12-May-14 12:29:09

Gp told me i needed to have tsh over 4.2 to be hypo (it was 4.0 but i was already on 25mg of synthryoid alt days so i said if i wasnt on this it would be over 4.2 she said you dont know that..... What? So that dose is only reducing tsh by 0.2 then how ridiculous.
Im trying to reduce to 2.5 for ivf.
But currently paying for synthroid as no exemption cert due to above. I was also told no point testing for antibodies.
I do have symptoms at 4 but i have to say i dont really feel better on synthyroid (probably as tsh is still high) i also have not lost weight if anything gained weight, which could be maybe im hungrier
Also tsh can get worse in winter so if youre not sure see what it is like then

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