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Bleeding too early for period

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lucsnowe Sun 11-May-14 10:10:09

I wonder if anyone can help. I had quite a lot of vaginal bleeding yesterday (day 23) which came on really suddenly. It calmed down, then I had a bit more late evening. My periods are generally regular and I am convinced that this is not a period as that amount of blood loss would always be accompanied by cramps, for me. I also know that I ovulated a week ago, so this is too early for a period. And it has been quite intermittent, whereas a period is usually a steadier flow, at first. I have had hardly any bleeding since last night. I phoned 111 and the nurse just said this was likely to be a period, suggesting that this is the beginning of the perimenopause for me. However I am so sure this is not a period. Having googled sudden vaginal bleeding, I am in a state. I will try to get an urgent appointment at my GP but calls are screened and I am sure I will just be told again that this is a period and that I need to wait for a routine appointment, which could be in about 3 weeks. Does anyone have any knowledge/experience of this?

lucsnowe Sun 11-May-14 10:11:23

And there is no possibility I could be pregnant (if only! ).

lucsnowe Sun 11-May-14 15:08:48

Bump? Anyone?

Marrow Sun 11-May-14 15:16:10

To be honest I really wouldn't worry. I wouldn't deem it to be worthy of a doctor's appt let alone an urgent one. If there is no chance you are pregnant I would just wait and see what unfolds over the next week/month or so.

lucsnowe Sun 11-May-14 15:20:28

Thank you, marrow. You are reassuring, But can you suggest what it could be? It must be something.

MrsBradleyCooper Sun 11-May-14 15:39:49

Sorry to hear that you are in a state about this. I had this once and the GP seemed to think it was a cervical erosion, which is relatively harmless. However I think any abnormal bleeding really needs checked out by your doctor. Are you up to date with smears?

Andcake Sun 11-May-14 15:58:38

As I got older I got shorter cycles - shorter gap after ovulation - how ok'd are you? Have you been under any extra stress. Or it could be just one of those things I think drs tend to think one odd cycle ( too long or too short) is nothing to write home about.

lucsnowe Sun 11-May-14 18:43:25

Thank you, Mrs. Bradley and Andcake. Andcake, The thing is, this really doesn't seem to be a period as I've had no pain and also the bleeding has calmed down. My periods usually last nearly a week. But to answer your questions, about 3 weeks ago I was under a lot of stress (about another health issue, luckily all ok), but since then , no real stress at all. Mrs. Bradley, how did your GP diagnose the cervical erosion? How much blood did you lose? Was it only once? Thank you, both of you, again!

lucsnowe Sun 11-May-14 18:44:47

And I am up to date with smears, although last one was 2012, but when I requested another, I was refused.

lucsnowe Sun 11-May-14 22:10:52

I wonder how long/ short a luteal phase is possible? I also wonder whether it is possible to get a dip in hormones, and so a bleed, before a proper period? It all just seems so strange and I really really wished I had not googled 'vaginal bleeding'. I will see a dr, but know I will have to wait for a routine appointment.

lucsnowe Sun 11-May-14 23:30:50


DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 11-May-14 23:38:23

More than likely just an early period I would've thought. Try not to panic ,it wouldn't cross my mind to see the doctor tbh.

lucsnowe Sun 11-May-14 23:42:38

Thank you, damediazepam.

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