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Not happy with DS's school !!

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rattlesnake Fri 09-May-14 18:42:51

Just had a text from head of DS's school.. where there is a huge building project going on at moment. He told us to pay attention to our children if they have asthma as school was very dusty today due to builders brick-cutting!! I asked DS about it and he said school was full of dust! and that the builders set a fire too and school had to be evacuated (they didn't mention that in text!!) am thinking of calling Monday morning before I take him, to ask if there will be any brick-cutting so that I can keep him away!!!! thoughts on this would be appreciated please x

BurningBridges Sun 11-May-14 17:13:52

Its up to the school to negotiate with the builders to minimise any disruption. I'd make enquiries with the school office tomorrow - what's being done to prevent this problem? if you're not happy write direct to the Head.

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