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Postnatal SPD...

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peppinagiro Fri 09-May-14 10:24:36

Hello everyone. I'm looking for some advice and experiences of SPD that's not gone away after giving birth. I had a mild-moderate case of it while I was pregnant - really painful, stopped me sleeping, but still able to walk without crutches or anything. I had physio and acupuncture, which did help a little. It disappeared for a couple of weeks post birth, then flared up again and hasn't gone away.

It's not as bad as while I was pregnant, but I have better and worse days, and it's just annoying me now. I've tried osteopathy and physio, and both help for a couple of days but then it just comes back. I'm still bfeeding - DD is 10 months - and I've heard a lot of people say that it can linger until you stop breastfeeding? The pelvic partnership said there's no evidence for that though. I plan to let DD wean when she's ready, and I could live with the pain in the meantime, if I just knew that there was a link and there was an end in sight IYSWIM.

I feel like I'm at an impasse sad i'm ignoring it and trying to carry on as normal, do exercise, and I feel it jarring and aching. I worry I'm doing long term damage and don't know what I should be doing.

Isn't there anything I can do? I have private insurance so could maybe get a scan and see a proper specialist dr - are there any? It just feels like if this were a back problem then everyone would take it seriously and treat it, but because it's pregnancy-related there's no real research or treatment, and I'm expected to suck it up sad

When did your SPD finally go? Does anyone have any good advice?

peppinagiro Fri 09-May-14 10:25:03

Sorry that's a bit rambly and incoherent. A bit sleep deprived.

Coulsonlives Fri 09-May-14 14:52:37

I only had it with DC 3/4. On crutches with dc3 but off them by 4 weeks post partum, took 18 months to be right completely. Dc4 I'm still on crutches at over a year later.
I was told by orthopaedics and rheumatology that bf wouldn't affect it.

Mine is worse around my period and the pill affects it.

peppinagiro Fri 09-May-14 15:22:12

Thanks. Did you do anything to rid yourself of it after DC3? I don't even know what specialism it would come under, if I did want to see a consultant - you say you saw a rheumatologist? Did they help?

Sorry to hear you're still suffering - hope it gets better soon.

Coulsonlives Fri 09-May-14 18:39:53

I sawphysio (crap), osteopath (ok but I wasn't convinced by the acupuncture), orthopaedic surgeon and rheumatologit.

NotCitrus Fri 09-May-14 18:53:52

I was in a wheelchair with SPD during first pregnancy, recovered by 6months after, then couldn't walk in 2nd pregnancy either, mainly recovered but got increasing niggles from round 8 months just as I did first time round.
Have you seen an obstetric physio? My hosp had a team of them and you could get referred back to them and do exercises under their strict supervision - like a non-bouncy circuit training class with extra pelvic stuff.
It got aggravated recently for other reasons and 6 weeks of a hospital exercise class (lumped in with people with back pain, but it's essentially the same exercises) has really helped.

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