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Blocked ducts -surgery or is there another way?

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kiwisbird Mon 22-Mar-04 12:02:29

DD finallysaw opthamologist today for her eye which has been watering on and off since birth, many episodes of conjunctivitis etc, antibiotics drops do not help.
He says surgery will sort it out.
Bit bothered as she is tiny and so little for 17 mths. Is there a homeopathic or other alternative suggestion that I can try safely first.
Or has anyone had their babies given this surgery before and what was it like?
Bit worried...

lou33 Mon 22-Mar-04 12:28:11

Dd1 had this done twice around the age of 2. The op itself was more traumatic for us rather than her I think,and the results showed almost instantly. Unfortunately for her only 75% clear up on the first attempt (info given at the time ), and she had to have one eye done again, but from then on her eyes have been great, and she is almost 12 now.

alibubbles Mon 22-Mar-04 13:02:49

Have it done and don't worry about it too much, she is so little and will have no fear about it. I have blocked ducts and have done since tiny, no one offered my parents an op, they just said she won't have tears nothing can be done. I have been plagued with dry eyes all my life and have to use artificial tears three times a day.

efmach Mon 22-Mar-04 19:51:55

Kiwisbird, two of my children had recurrent conjunctivitis as babies. Both needed referring to opthalmologists too. From my recollection, I think eye specialists try to avoid surgery for the first year of life and encourage massaging the eyes (they show you how) to encourage better tear duct flow. If this not successful usually surgery is required.

SofiaAmes Mon 22-Mar-04 22:17:00

There is still hope. My ds had blocked ducts and it was awful. Luckily/unluckily the waiting list was so long that by the time he got to see the opthmologist he was 18 mo. and a surgery appointment wasn't set until 6 months after that. His ducts cleared up all on their own about a month before his surgery date. Find out how they do the sedation for the surgery. My understanding is that in the usa they generally try to do the surgery with just a sedative (like valium), while in the uk they tend to use general anaesthetic. The actual procedure is just a minor one involving poking a hole in the duct (well i'm sure the technical term is more complicated). It's really the method of sedation that is the issue.

kiwisbird Mon 22-Mar-04 22:17:03

Thanks for replies everyone, doc has said that massaging can sometimes stop or alleviate the problem, they have out her on the waiting list for surgery BUT I am seeing homeopath and osteopath to try alternatives firt, as feel GA is a bit drastic for my little waif!
I am massaging as much as she will let me, somedays watering is worse than others.
Thanks again

Dixie Mon 22-Mar-04 23:49:12

just a little point to add, although probably already ds2 has the same problem & i'm doing the massaging bit morning & night. my GP says they do very often sort themselves out in time and he has told me he generally only refers for surgery if the problem is still apparent after their 2nd birthday. ds2 is 20 months & it is still a problem but it is getting better over time so I'm holding out hope & going along with my gp's idea of waiting till he goes past two.

papillon Tue 23-Mar-04 08:07:28

Would interested what the homeopath says and what the oestopath can do for her. My dd has had a blocked tear duct and I took her to a homeopath. Has helped abit - but I think I need to take her again.


kiwisbird Tue 23-Mar-04 08:52:51

Our optham said yesterday the the permantent success rate is much higher if surgery is done between a yr and 18 mths, usually by 15 mths.
I'll let you knnow what homeopath says today

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