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CD, Bang on the head

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sykes Mon 22-Mar-04 11:18:14

Countess Dracula, can I ask about something you posted re bumps on the head. My h had a very serious car accident about two years ago - ended up in resuss and had a brain scan - very bad head injury. We've since split up - he had an affair etc and I do realise that this is why he left. but am intrigued as to the effects his car accident may have had. He became a different person post the accident - very unempathetic etc. I realise this looks as if I'm clutching at straws but that's a seperate issue - just interested in how head injuries can change your personality.

forestfly Mon 22-Mar-04 12:40:54

Perhaps he thought you only live once, and i'm going to be a selfish prick from now on.

fio2 Mon 22-Mar-04 12:47:36

really sykes? my dad fell off a ladder and suffered a bad head injury, had to have a brain scan and suffered memory loss. He changed almost instantly and he and my mum divorced not long after due to his infidelity. He became a self centered jerkoid. Bit of a coincidence that!

forestfly Mon 22-Mar-04 12:51:23

Perhaps they do something to you in hospitals no bang on the head for mine i'm afraid just a heart operation for his son.

forestfly Mon 22-Mar-04 13:01:53

My friends husband left after she nursed him with Bowel Cancer, they have five children. He went on freinds reunited when he came out of hospital. Met up with an old freind and six months later married her.
Perhaps he does have a medical condition, or perhaps the accident shook up his life, and made him reconsider things.
I know Chris was going through a hard time with looking for his parents and his ill son. But he just wanted fresh sympathy off a new women who hadn't been there. Definetly major stresses happening in his life when he left.
I hope you get the answer your looking for anyhow.

forestfly Mon 22-Mar-04 13:02:35

I've put his name oh no

Katypie Tue 23-Mar-04 07:08:43

I think brain damage can cause changes in behaviour, values, personality etc. depending on the area of the brain that was damaged.

You might find this interesting:
brain damage

CountessDracula Tue 23-Mar-04 09:35:25

Well I don't know that much about it, just have a good friend who is a Dr (psychologist) who researches brain injuries and their effects on people.

I have obviously talked to him about it, he does mainly children, he works here - the website may have more information.

I think it is certainly true that even minor brain injury can cause personality change - my dh deals with it in his line of work too (clinical negligence lawyer) - I remember one case of a chap who had a fairly minor car accident and became violent and impossible to live with.

The institute of Neurology may be able to help you - their website is here

And this page has lots of useful looking links.


BTW if you want to emial me about the specific details I could forward it to my friend for an opinion.

sykes Tue 23-Mar-04 10:27:23

CD and everyone else thank you very much. Maybe if I hit hit very hard over the head again he'll come to his senses. It might help me anyway. Must add baseball bat to weekly shopping lost. Not sure Waitrose stocks them. I'll look at those web sites and, if you really don't mind, CD, will e-mail - but will completely understand if your friend is busy. Thanks again.

CountessDracula Tue 23-Mar-04 10:32:30

No problem, can't guarantee anything obviously but will certainly ask him! He is lovely kind person so I'm sure he'll help.

Oh and you might find this useful!!

sykes Tue 23-Mar-04 11:37:27

Marvellous, apparently it's suitable for both club use and leisure/amateur play. I'd place my needs in the leisure category - would certainly bring a smile to my face. Thanks.

CountessDracula Tue 23-Mar-04 11:45:34

I'm sure there would be a queue of mumsnetters waiting to join a club that involved bashing their dhs or xdhs over the head with baseball bats....

sykes Tue 23-Mar-04 11:48:58

Might make a valued addition to the discounts for mnetters section.

CountessDracula Tue 23-Mar-04 11:49:26

Good idea!

forestfly Tue 23-Mar-04 11:49:50

I'm in

juniper68 Tue 23-Mar-04 12:23:19

roflmao at this thread (only the last bit though)

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