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Mirena just fell out!

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WizzleWoo Sun 27-Aug-06 10:01:25

I had the mirena coil fitted 5 weeks ago to control my heavy periods as I get very anaemic. I had this under GA as I had a d&c and a laproscopy at the same time. They had to remove one of my ovaries as it had a growth but that came back all clear after biopsy.
Anyway, I have been bleeding every day since the insertion. I couldn't feel the strings at all at first, but yesterday after some big blood clots the strings were much further down. This morning the whole thing came out! It was a white T shape with strings attached so I presume this is the whole thing?
Anyone else had any experience of this? TIA.

WizzleWoo Sun 27-Aug-06 19:29:26

Also I was told if the coil didn't work ( which it obviously hasn't! ) I would have to have an ablation where the lining of the womb is burnt away. Would be good to hear experiences of this as I dont know much about it. Does this bring on an early menopause?
Should I ask for a hysterectomy instead?Thanks for your help.

Molesworth Sun 27-Aug-06 19:31:52

This is exactly what happened to my sister, who had a mirena fitted for the same reasons as you wizzle. She had a hysterectomy last summer and has felt fantastic ever since! I'm not sure if she had an ablation before that though, but certainly her experience of hysterectomy was a good one. She is 47 though - not sure if you are hoping to have more children?

WizzleWoo Sun 27-Aug-06 19:34:31

Thanks Molesworth - it is nice to know Im not the only one they fall out of!
I am 35 and have three children which is fine for me. I would like a hysterectomy as it would sort all the problems out and then I could get on with my life!

harrisey Mon 28-Aug-06 14:38:07

Yes, mine came out. Well, it came out gradually, first of all slipped into my cervix, then one day just popped out - about the same time as I discovered I was pg! What you got was the whole thing, or at least that is what mine looked like when the doc lifter it out for me.
Dont want to worry you and prob not a problem if you are still bleeding but shoudl you do a pg test?
Mine slipped they now think after a smear test caught the threads and pulled it low in my womb. I have another one for periods/migraines but dh has also had snip - too frightened I'll get pg again.

expatinscotland Mon 28-Aug-06 14:39:44

My best friend had ablation and said it is the bee's knees. She had fibroids.

PeaceAtHome Wed 06-Sep-06 22:03:51

That happened to me and I didn't even know it until i fell pregnant anyway, after the birth they fitted a different type (not sure of the name) but apparently bit more safer (and secure), and has done the job for 15 years! Worrying tho hey, i thought they were VERY safe!

WizzleWoo Thu 07-Sep-06 09:53:08

Thanks for all your replies. Luckily I know that I am not pregnant as we didn't actually try it out because the bleeding was so heavy.
The thing fell out two weeks ago and I am still bleeding. Been to see my doctor and she thinks that hysterectomy is the best option, as the lining of the womb can grow back after ablation and I might have to have it done several times. I need something doing as my iron levels drop to around 5 when I am really heavy. I had to have a blood transfusion before they did the laproscopy. Now am just waiting for the hospital to contact me.

wherethefeckismycoil Thu 07-Sep-06 10:08:23


Can the coil fall out without noticing as I am waiting for an ultrasound as my doctor couldn't locate my coil threads yesterday

I am now paranoid that I am pregnant although I did a test yesterday & it was negative but it could be too soon to tell anyway

Flamesparrow Thu 07-Sep-06 10:11:19

Argh... I'm gonna go string hunting later..........

WizzleWoo Thu 07-Sep-06 10:15:48


I definitely knew that my coil had come out. It is small but an awkward shape in the form of a T , so when it fell out I could feel it coming down. I wouldn't think that it could fall out without you feeling it. I could also feel the strings coming down before it fell out. My dr told me it is extremely rare for them to fall out. The only reason that mine did was because I get very big blood clots which pushed it out.
My friend also couldn't feel the strings so went for a scan . She had fibroids which had pushed it up into her womb, but she is still protected against pregnancy so they are just leaving it.

ellenrose Thu 07-Sep-06 10:47:30

My friend also had to be scanned as she could not feel the threads and it had perforated the womb lining and had to be removed so it might not have slipped out but might have gone elsewhere. Sorry, not much help but worth getting it checked to be sure.

Wizzlewoo - another of my friends had the same sort of experience as you and has never looked back since she had her hysterectomy. Good luck.

wherethefeckismycoil Thu 07-Sep-06 10:58:42

I'm hoping that the threads have just disapeared up but am going mad waiting for the phone to ring for the scan app! Knowing my luck they will send a letter

WelshSpringer Tue 04-Dec-07 13:19:55

I have just had a scan to locate my coil and it seems to have disappeared although they tell me I now have fibroids!
Can they fit me another coil when I have fibroids and if so, is lt likely to come out again? I have to admit it was very good for controlling pmt but I did spot almost continually so not an overwhelming solution. Also it made my skin very dry - has anyone else experienced this?

danmat Tue 03-Mar-09 22:35:48

ive only just got the mirena fitted about 3 hours ago and im really paranoid that it will have fallen out already!!!!(shock)am i worrying unnecessarily?

NellieNervous Wed 20-May-09 16:59:22

WizzleWoo - I hope things have gone well for you. My Mirena fell out today - I have fibroids and got coil to control heavy bleeding. It obv hasn't worked! as giant clot pushed it out. I was supposed to have hysterectomy by 'early summer' but a mixup means it will now be Sept. Won't be soon enough! I am quite anaemic too. I hope you had a hysterectomy and it's helped you. This is an old post so maybe you won't see it. Anyway...

evenmoremiserablethanbefore Sat 20-Jun-09 18:15:49

I,ve posted on here before and really would like some advice now as I am at the end of my tether...

I have had 2 Mirena coils now,both of which fell out....
I am anaemic yet again,{hg varies between 6 & 11} and today,I took my daughters to the carnival and it was just unbelieveable....flooding cannot describe it...
I had to take the car,even though it was just up the's I could run for cover...after changing my jeans already this morning,I no sooner got out of the car when I had the most horrendous flooding and felt all jittery and faint...
went home got changed,after moans and groans,decided to take my girls back to the fair,for rides,treats etc.......I arrived and had to run to the loo ....several was just hell.went through a full pack of towels in just a few hours.Losing large clots again.
I arrived home this afternoon and am now thinking 'stuff the bloody ablation',I want rid of my womb completely.I am so pissed off and feel like crying.
Been asleep for the rest of the afternoon,I feel so wretched.
can i have a hysterectomy ..key hole? can I go home the day after?
I definitely dont want anymore kids,I have 3 lovely kids and am happy.My hubby feels the same and is getting distraught at seeing me like this month after month....
I will be 38 in September...will they say I,m too young for a hysterectomy?
I have had all the tests etc before,hysteroscopy,laparoscopy,scans etc and have been told I just have unexplained uterine disfunction {or something like that}
the lining was 15 mm thick and apparantly that is twice the average...what is the point of ablation if it can grow back?
I want it OUT!

CarGirl Sat 20-Jun-09 18:20:19

I think with ablation it takes a long time to grow back and it is less traumatic on the body than a hys. YOu need to get referred back to the consultant and discuss your options with him.

But Yes if I were you I would be demanding ablation or hys.

BuntingtonPursey Sun 17-Oct-10 14:58:18

My mirena came out yesterday along with a hugh clot. I have been happy with it for 2 years fact it changed my life as I had almost no periods and it really helped my PMT. This month however the PMT has been poor boyfriend! I have been bleeding really heavily and it's actually quite frightening. The clots are large and i feel them coming down, it's horrible. When I had it fitted 2 years ago they told me I had fibroids and that the coil should help. I can't wait to get to the doctors tomorrow morning and get something sorted out. It was so nice to find this website, it's made ne feel a bit better...I not the only one...cry, cry,cry...!

evenmoremiserablethanbefore Fri 14-Jan-11 17:02:06

Hi Buntington
how have you gone on since oct?
did u have another mirena fitted?
I finally think I,ve solved my heavy periods...
i couldnt bring myself to have the ablation,so did alot of research and tried a herbal remedy....Agnus Castus
I took the full dose possible and the following month bled for just a day!!!! grin
was it a coincidence? I carried on taking them for a few more months with the same results!
You can only take them for a few months at a time and should have a break.
I stopped taking them thinking the heavy bleeding would come back,but it didnt for a long time....about 10 months....
I now have a hit and miss period,very heavy for one day,with big clots then the following month 'normal' whatever normal is!! hmm
i can cope with one bad day...not the 2-3 weeks of total draining flooding.
Try the Agnus may just work
they work by stimulating your pituatory (sorry,cannot spell!!) gland....
whatever hormone youre lacking,it regulates....
its the lack of progesterone which causes overproduction of estrogen leading to the uterine lining thickening,hence heavy periods....

MsHoolie Mon 09-Jul-12 22:01:15

I had mine fitted 3 months ago, very excited because my sister had always lauded hers for reducing her periods to a 2 day spotting.

I am 46, and have always suffered 7 day periods, with the initial 2-3 days what I always thought of as heavy (changing tampons every hour)

VERY painful insertion (and I have extremely high pain threshold), and continued to be extremely painful for the first 2 weeks, to the point I nearly went to ask for it to be removed. But it settled down, the pain went, and the promised nirvana of almost no periods arrived!

3 months later, I go to the loo and out pops my coil! No apparent reason at all.
Followed closely by huge flooding, clotty flow.

2.5 weeks later and no sign of the flow reducing, and really disgusting clots coming through.

I've googled this extensively and some folk have no periods at all on removal for a while, but some (like myself and a lot of you ladies) experience flooding/ clotting.

Most sites say that if you have had sex up to a week before having the coil removed, then you can fall pregnant (so if you have a planned removal you should take precautions prior to removal)
If you have one put straight back in then this prevents pregnancy.

It seems that abiut a month after removal the bleeding/ clots should ease off, but I am worried. Going to get iron tablets as I am pretty sure I am now anaemic.
Some women were prescribed high doses of contraceptive pill to counter the hormonal change after the coil comes out. (I cannot have this)

In my googling thus far I cannot find anything that explains fully to me what causes this sudden heavy flow and clotting?

Does anyone know he answer to this? (if I understand the biological cause to things I worry less)

I will be phoning the nurse tomorrow (if I can win the phone lottery at my GPs!)

I don't think I'll be having another inserted (a real shame as I could at last take my son swimming, and it was lovely having such incredibly light (if at all) periods (althought the blood was an unhealthy brown colour with the coil, which did worry me..)

Have a holiday in a couple of weeks that I am now really dreading. (explain to an 8 year old why you can't go in the pool with him! (lone parent so no dad there to do water duty!)

If anyone knows what hormones cause the flooding and clotting I'd really appreciate advice.

Tink64 Sun 31-Mar-13 19:08:46

My mirena was fitted 3 years ago since then I had nasty side effects like constant bleeding sore lumpy breasts mood swings and gained 30lbs. It was like being pregnant all the time. Last weekend I had a sudden sharp pain in my left side at work followed by the feeling something was falling out of me ( like a tampon coming out). I ended up sat on the toilet for 45 mins with large clots and free flowing bleeding. As I am a nurse I alerted my colleague who came to take care of me. I was in agony and my bp went up to 248/115 pulse 105. In a&e they gave me pain relief and Iv fluids no beds on women's health ward so sent home. Still bleeding although 'normal' period flow with no pain and no clots. My boobs have reduced and are no longer painful. I no longer have the niggling pain in my left side and my appetite has reduced. I didn't see the coil in the toilet pan with the amount of bleeding etc but does anyone think it came out? Due to go for a scan in a weeks time.

Marief1984 Sun 09-Mar-14 18:54:29

Has anybody had their coil come out before a year . Mine has and got bad cramps now in right side lower front a d back?

Marief1984 Sun 09-Mar-14 18:55:22

Has anybody els had their coil fall out before a year .

barleysugar Sun 09-Mar-14 19:01:38

Mine fell out after three months, it must have come out in a clot as I wasn't aware if it at all. I had to have a scan to find it and an X-ray, and it was confirmed as gone.

I haven't had it replaced, I couldn't bear the three months of depression it gave me again and it didn't make my periods any lighter. I'm on tranexamic acid now which works like a miracle!

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