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took too many multivitamins?

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dolphinsandwhales Thu 01-May-14 22:45:44


Tonight I took two doses of pregnacare by mistake, four hours apart. It says not to exceed the dose, is it ok that I made this mistake this once? I missed my dose yesterday...


LadyMud Thu 01-May-14 23:32:28

I'm sure you'll be fine. In general, the body simply excretes any unnecessary vitamins.

BigPawsBrown Thu 01-May-14 23:37:57

Too much vitamin A is the only bad one I think

TheSpottedZebra Fri 02-May-14 00:20:57

Pregnacare doesn't contain Vit A.
You'll be fine.

dolphinsandwhales Sat 03-May-14 14:22:02

Thanks! I am ok, so good news :-) you put my mind at rest though.

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