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Mirena coil VS endometrial ablation.

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merlinthemog Wed 30-Apr-14 09:44:09

Just wanted to document my experience here, for anyone who might be in a situation where they might be considerating one of the above options.

I presented to my doctor with heavy periods, with flooding and clots. Doctor thought I might have polyps, so arranged an ultrasound. The ultrasound did not find any polyps, but a thickened endometrium (18mm).

After some discussion, I asked about the possibility of endometrial ablation, but was told 'no' flat out. I was offered the Mirena coil, which I wasn't keen on, as I would have preferred a non-hormonal option. Anyway, due to my heavy periods, I ended up very anaemic, and so didn't feel I had much choice.

At my next option, I had hysteroscopy (camera to examine the inside of the uterus) endometrial biopsy and insertion of the Mirena coil (slightly painful, but over quickly). Over the next few months, my periods became so light, that they eventually disappeared altogether. Hurray ! but not really no !

I had my Mirena in place for exactly one year. During that time, I had weight gain (my weight never fluctuates, in fact, it has been the same for the last 20-years. THE WORST symptom of all was depression, which slowly crept over me as the months went by. I felt like I had PMT symptoms all the time. No life changing events going on in my life, but the world looked a very dark and black place. My mood was all over the place, and my poor husband felt he had to tip-toe around me.

Back to the doctor, who then said, “Ah yes, that will be the progesterone causing that”. Geez, thanks for the warning about that. He then suggested that we “leave it in, and see how it goes”. I stuck to my guns and insisted it was removed, for my own sanity and so that my home life could get back to normal.

Yesterday I went down for surgery. I had removal of Mirena coil and endometrial ablation, which was a breeze. Tiny, tiny bit of period pain for about an hour after procedure, but that was it ! When I got back home, I just hugged my husband and cried with tears of joy.

Obviously, you need to take this information on balance, as some ladies will be perfectly happy with their Mirena coil. However, if you go down this route, please be aware that not everyone tolerates the increased levels of Progesterone, which can affect you gradually as the months go by. This is offered to ladies, obviously as a cheaper alternative to ablation. AND my doctor told me, it is not recommended for anyone who has had a previous history of depression (and there's lots of people out there, that will have suffered from depression at some time in their life).

Dianne X

MuscatBouschet Thu 01-May-14 03:52:20

Sounds awful. Mirena destroyed my sex drive and made me feel pretty low. FP clinic refused to take it out without a contraceptive alternative. So I got it taken out privately.

So many stories like yours about Mirena on the internet and i don't understand why doctors don't seem to warn patients.

koolforcats Thu 01-May-14 04:15:39

Hi, I'm so glad you're feeling better. Why did yr Dr refuse the ablation in the first instance? Was it purely a cost issue or are there other risks?

merlinthemog Thu 01-May-14 14:10:19

It was simply a cost issue. I was under the impression that the patient should be made aware of the possible treatment options, but that didn't happen in my case. It's annoying that doctors aren't giving women information about the possible side effects.

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