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Lustral : Weight Gain

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teabag Sat 20-Mar-04 12:00:42

I've been on Lustral since last August 50mg a day and everything was fine however, Dr increased the dose to 100mg in February ( she said for a couple of months )and I have now put on 5 lbs which is VERY unlike me. Has anyone else had weight gain on Ad's?


kizzie Sat 20-Mar-04 16:41:19

Hi tea bag - yes i think its very common - i certainly did with seroxat. Why did dr increase the dose - if you need the higher dose to feel ok I suppose you have to balance up whether feeling better is worth the weight gain.

hmb Sat 20-Mar-04 17:16:28

Lack of appetite can be a symptom of depression (as can over eating), so I suppose that being treated can cause a return, and therefor weight gain. The Summary Of Product Characteristics for Lustral says that it does not cause weight gain, unlke Tricyclic anti depressants.

alibubbles Sat 20-Mar-04 19:32:18

Yes, I put on three stone over 2.5 years with Seroxat. I am battling to get it off.

Anyone ever lost weight on prozac? !!

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