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Has anyone had a squint corrected as an adult?

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HappyMumof2 Thu 24-Aug-06 16:52:38

Message withdrawn

tubismybub Thu 24-Aug-06 17:23:32

Had the op as a child but it didn't work very well, have't had the op as an adult as i still need glasses for long sightedness anyway. my mother had her squint corrected as an adult and it was a success with no problems and that was 30 years ago.

niceglasses Thu 24-Aug-06 17:27:56

Oh my God. No - I haven't but I have 2 very bad squints in both eyes. And its really depressed me for years. Have just chased my GP to refer to local hospital, but am considering private if that doesn't work as they are so bad now. Would love to hear of your experiences. I had 2 ops as young child but they don't last forever I think.........its very embarrassing I think now.

HappyMumof2 Thu 24-Aug-06 17:31:58

Message withdrawn

niceglasses Thu 24-Aug-06 17:44:24

I've just had a week away with some pple I haven't seen for a while and I really didn't want to go out as so embarrassed. I don't feel so bad with ppl I know but meeting newish pple is hell really. Have promised myself to do something.

HappyMumof2 Thu 24-Aug-06 17:49:40

Message withdrawn

niceglasses Thu 24-Aug-06 17:56:02

Wow thats exactly part of the reason I want mine 'done' too - possibly going back to work soon.

Yeah, I wonder about the 'vanity' bit too. But I reckon the way it can make me feel, esp at the mo, it really would be worth it. Like you too, I wish I had done it ages ago - am 38 now!!!!

alexa1 Thu 24-Aug-06 18:09:18

When you say sqint have you got a turn in your eye? I have a lazy eye which luckily for me doesn't look noticeable, but when I'm tired it turns in. Anyway, I was concious of it and wondered if anyone else noticed. I asked my GP to refer me to the eye clinic and they said if it was worse or gets worse I could have botox injections in the eye muscle (not sure what it does) or an op if its that bad but it's not. In th meantime they have put a prism in my glasses in the left lense (which is the lazy eye) which helps a bit.
I understand how you feel though about meeting new people. My left eye is so lazy that if someone walks towards me, say from across the road or something, I know who they are but I cant focus on them until they are right up close to me, it's so frustrating i'm sure people think I am ignorant sometimes.
I would say go ahead with the op, I understand your concerns but eye surgery is so advanced today I know 2 people who had it done and they said it was great.
Good luck.

tubismybub Thu 24-Aug-06 18:35:48

i've never really thought about an op as an adult but that's because my glasses and contact lenses correst my squint so i don't worry about it in social situations. Do glases not always help then? I didn't realise.

HappyMumof2 Thu 24-Aug-06 19:37:14

Message withdrawn

carol3 Thu 24-Aug-06 23:16:32

alexa1, my daughter has had two lots of botox and one squint surgery. From what I understand the botox works by relaxing the eye muscle to draw the eye central, the botox only lasts for a couple of months so the idea is when the eyes straight the brain recognises it and it stays straight after the botox wears off. With the squint surgery they cut the muscle to get the eye straight. My daughter had an adverse reaction to the second botox as the botox went into the eyelid muscle which made her eye lid droopy for a month. She was in and out in the day with all surgery and there were adults having the same thing done. I think its quite low risk as surgery goes. hope this helps

niceglasses Tue 12-Sep-06 17:56:31

Calling Happymumof2......just wondering how you are getting on.

I was at the hosptial today and they are going to operate on one eye on Oct 4th and then possibly the other. Am quite happy about it as its very marked now. How you getting on??

alexa1 Tue 12-Sep-06 19:45:46

niceglasses - glad your going ahead with it. I'm sure it will make u a more confident person.

Good luck with everything.

happymumof2 - Let us know how u get on with the op.

curlysmum Wed 13-Sep-06 11:25:08

my daughter has a squint in both eyes which is only occasional which she is due to have surjury on the 7th December at Moorfields Eye Hospital they are correcting the vertical muscles first then afterwards may do the horizontal at a later date, but on another note a lady I work with who is about 44 , told me she had hers done as a baby and then had it done again privately a couple of years ago as her family had noticed one eye was turning again and it was a success she said it was very easy and straight forward op so it only took a half day with no side affects, I'm very keen to know how you get on also.

shimmy21 Wed 13-Sep-06 11:48:29

I had it done when I was 14 - a looong time ago now. But from what I remember the op itself was straight forward and I think I stayed in hosp one night. Afterwards I do remember a week or 2 of discomfort (well, pain tbh) but only when I moved my eyes around. If I looked ahead no problem, if I looked to the left - youch!!!
After a week or so the pain (and the squint) was gone.
Don't worry about the op. They have to tell you the worst case scenario so it makes it so scary but they wouldn't recommend it if they weren't highly confident that it will help.

wclare Wed 13-Sep-06 19:09:45

Hi everyone, i am going into hospital tomorrow to have botox injected into the muscles of my eye to correct my squint, to check that i don't experience double vision before they carry out surgery.

i also had a turned in eye as a child and was operated on, but the squint came back (turned out) and have been putting up with it for years!

Herrybraun Thu 13-Aug-15 07:34:34

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