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Anterior repair advice please

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Razzlefrazzle Thu 24-Apr-14 13:30:20

I had an anterior repair 7 weeks ago. Mainly doing well but some days I am still quite uncomfortable. Nothing major, a bit how you feel when cystitis is just coming on? I would really appreciate any advice anyone can give. Also I am really worried about prolapsing again, again others' experiences would be really helpful. Am (finally!) having a post op check on Monday, have been way too scared to try having sex up to now but should we do the deed before Monday?

cardamomginger Thu 24-Apr-14 21:40:18

Hi. I've had several prolapse repairs, including an anterior repair. when you say cystitis feeling, what do you mean? pain when you wee? urgency? you may have picked up a slight infection - usually very easy to treat. 7 weeks is still early in the healing process and there's still all sorts of swelling to go down, nerves to sort themselves out, etc. even in the absence of infection, you might still be in some pain and not feeling quite right for several weeks still. all normal.

as for sex, I wouldn't until you have had the all clear. as much as anything you may still have a few stitches lurking around (usually dissolve at 6 weeks, but some hangbaround a bit longer). the last thing you want to do is to catch a stray stitch whilst DTD! OUCH!!!!

fears about prolapsing again are perfectly normal. what did your surgeon say about chances of complete cure? discuss it at your appointment. as time goes by, as normal life resumes, as your body starts to 'work' properly again, the fears do fade. smile x

Razzlefrazzle Thu 24-Apr-14 22:12:57

Thanks cardamom it's good to hear that I shouldn't be feeling normal just yet. The feeling I was trying to describe isn't related to weeing as such, more like irritated nerves. I will wait to DTD, the surgeon has tightened my vagina as well so stretching and the chance of catching a stitch are not going to make for the most relaxed amorous adventure I've ever had!! My surgeon has been quite vague about recurrence but this is my second op. I had a full hysterectomy with posterior repair in November last year and then my bladder prolapsed 12 weeks later. He tells me I was incredibly unlucky, but I am hearing more and more this is quite common. I am frustrated that he didn't anticipate the second prolapse but I don't want to get too hung up about that, rather concentrate on getting well and try to prevent further problems. I think it will take some time for me too stop worrying though. Can I ask why you have needed several repairs, have you had a similar experience?

cardamomginger Fri 25-Apr-14 09:18:57

you sound like me. yeah the same thing happened - as one prolapse was repaired it created room for other tissues to descend. I've had 3 major and 2 very minor operations. I completely get why you are worried - it feels like all bets are off, doesn't it? sad .

nerves and stuff will be all over the place for a while still, especially if you have already had vaginal surgery. they need to calm down and learn jow to fire up in the right way again. when it comes to DTD, have you thought of experimenting with dilators first, both to make sure scar tissue etc is OK, and to build up your confidence? femmax dilator set is good and you can get it on Amazon. you might also want yo get some instilagel prescribed. this is a local anaesthetic gel and, provided dh uses a condom, can be good to take the edge off things the first few times.

have you been referred to a good gynae physio? can be useful for rehab and getting things working again. if you are in London, I can recommend mine, who I see privately.

any other questions, please do ask! xx

cardamomginger Fri 25-Apr-14 10:14:35

You might find these threads helpful:

Razzlefrazzle Fri 25-Apr-14 18:30:56

That's all really helpful, Cardamom. I will have a look on Amazon because I do feel quite worried about dilation. My vagina was tightened during the first op which was fine but nerve wracking initially, the surgeon has told me that further tightening has been done with this procedure so I do feel a bit virginal now wink. Because I want to do all I can to prevent recurrence I have seen a specialist physio, privately as you have. She is great but has so far only taught me pelvic floor exercises in anticipation of testing my muscle strength with electrodes. This can't be done until after my post op check - not something I'm looking forward to! Has your physio done this with you? She also teaches Pilates which I started this week as I feel desperately in need of exercise but frightened to move too much at this stage.

cardamomginger Fri 25-Apr-14 19:33:07

I've never had my muscle strength tested electronically (!!). She's always done it manually by examining me, feeling different parts of the muscles and getting me to do a PFE squeeze. I have used an electronic probe to kick start my muscles (I wasn't even scoring 1 out of 5 for strength and the muscles just weren't firing at all). If it's a machine nt dissimilar to that that that she'll be using, you have nothing to worry about. The probe is small and goes in comfortably and easily.

Well done with the Pilates! Great that she does it, so she'll know what you can and cannot do. Take it easy (don't go mad!!) and still rest. I know the surgeons always go on about quick recovery times with vaginal surgery and that you'll be a-ok after 6 weeks. But you are still doing a lot of healing. It's still a major operation and can really knock you for six!

cardamomginger Sat 26-Apr-14 09:46:24

One more thought - if it is a prickly or stingy feeling, it might be a yeast infection, even if you don't have any discharge.

Razzlefrazzle Sun 27-Apr-14 06:45:58

Thanks again Cardamom i am lucky to have found a medically qualified Pilates teacher, I'm not sure I would feel happy to risk exercising without proper supervision yet. Good thought about my strange feeling. I am starting to wonder if it is anxiety driven - the more I worry about prolapsing again the worse it gets. Have been distracted for last couple of days and have realised the sensation has gone. Thanks for your helpful advice and fingers crossed for a positive post op review tomorrow :-)

cardamomginger Mon 28-Apr-14 08:50:35

Good luck for today flowers xx

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