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Stomach ulcers?

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MsMarvel Tue 22-Apr-14 16:18:29

Can they be hereditary?

I've always had a sensitive stomach, am sick easily etc, over the last few years it's got worse. I can't really have rich foods anymore without vomiting a few hours later. Same with anything like caffeine etc.

If I eat too much, or have a few drinks or something I get a burning feeling in my throat and towards my stomach which I'm assuming is indigestion?

I've started to think it was a milk allergy it something along those lines, and posted a thread about that. However on that thread someone suggested that it could be something like a stomach ulcer, because there wasn't necessarily a link to specific fairy products, just that stuff like melted cheese (but not in-melted cheese...?) and carbonara are total no nos now, I would be vomiting a few hours later. So it could be rich foods rather than specifically dairy.

The reason that I'm more convinced about it being something like a stomach ulcer is that my dad and uncle both have one. But can they even be hereditary? I have a doctors appointment on Monday, so what sort of tests etc can I expect?

Wobblypig Tue 22-Apr-14 23:46:30

High fat foods tend to trigger gallstone pain and vomiting and relieve ulcer pain. I would suggest an ultrasound , trial of omeprazole , testing for helicon scatter pylori and if you are over 40 , a gastroscope.

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