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A ruptured spleen?

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LovelyBath Mon 21-Apr-14 17:03:32

I had something strange happen a few weeks back. It started with chest pain and fast heartbeat (up to over 100 then 128 at one point, it's usually around 60/70)

Had a blood test and chest X ray which was normal but had raised WBC so had course of Amoxycillin for possible chest infection. Then had strange feeling of pain in upper left side of chest and felt very faint and strange, as if lungs filled with fluid, and had bad couple of days where I couldn't really get out of bed feeling very ill. I also had pain in the left shoulder.

Friend went with me to A and E and they did some blood tests which came back OK, I had some blood in the urine so they gave me another course of antibiotics (cipro-something).

I have been feeling better since with some chest pain in the rib cage- the GP thought possible pleurisy? and has given painkillers and seemed reassured my chest x ray came back OK. However that was taken before the rest of it happened so I'm unconvinced.

I still feel like I'm unsure of what happened. I had a lot of surgery and was very ill about a year ago and had a nasty abdominal infection and delayed bowel surgery. (followed by another surgery) I'm worried something from that time may have caused problems eg possible in the spleen? Does that sound plausable, and do you think I should do anything else? thanks

LovelyBath Mon 21-Apr-14 17:07:04

Also I'm worried bleeding from the spleen could cause the pulmonary symptoms could this be possible? I was reading about hemothorath and that really scared me as it said if blood gets into the plueritic space it can cause real problems? but the spleen is under the diaphragm so that wouldn't be possible would it? Sorry I'm probably being really over anxious but have had strange things happen in the past and been reassured when it has been life threatening then had to go back for surgery and it scares me sad

LovelyBath Mon 21-Apr-14 17:07:17

I meant 'hemothorax'

LovelyBath Tue 22-Apr-14 14:19:45

Anyone? Or do I just sound like a complete hypochondriac? blush

ItsSpringBaby Tue 22-Apr-14 14:24:33

I think if you're feeling unwell you should go back to the doctor, discuss your medical history, talk through the tests you've already have and push the issue further.

If you are feeling really unwell go to A&E. But please, whatever you do don't diagnose yourself via Google! It does sound like you've taken that path, and trust me it causes more anxiety than it's worth!

LovelyBath Tue 22-Apr-14 17:14:54

Thanks for the reply, some good advice!

I have been feeling much better and less anxious about it.. I'm going to make an appointment and tell the GP (without getting too anxious seeming) and see what they say.

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