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Celiac Disease But!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help

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charlieplus3 Fri 19-Mar-04 16:05:55

The long awaited results are back! My ds has celiac disease and has urgent pediactric appointment to help me with diet etc.

But what do i do till then, Doc said to keep diet totally Gluten free as just had a bad reaction to creamed porridge, butim not sure what has it and what doesnt!

tamum Fri 19-Mar-04 16:26:04

There's a good list here if you scroll down a bit. Poor him (and you), I hope he gets seen quickly.

batey Fri 19-Mar-04 16:29:16

My Dad has coeliac disease and there is a Coeliac Society... phone no. 01494 437278...I would give them a ring now and get some advice for over the w/e, or look at their website. And then I'm sure they'll be able to post you some leaflets etc or direct you to good books. HTH.

shrub Fri 19-Mar-04 16:30:57

I remember reading recently in the sunday times that the spice tumeric had very good results in a recent study. the article mentioned you can get odour free capsules though i don't know whether this would be advisable for children.

charlieplus3 Fri 19-Mar-04 16:32:39

oh Thankyou so much. Youve been more help than the Health Visitors

Jaybee Fri 19-Mar-04 16:42:48

One of dd's friends has celiac disease was round there last weekend and her mum was saying that the large tesco stores now do a pretty good range of gluten free stuff including chicken nuggets and fish fingers. Only chocolate she has is Dairy Milk or Twirl, when she is at parties she tends to have only chips.

charlieplus3 Fri 19-Mar-04 16:45:23

He is only 6 months so on baby food at mo which is quite good on labelling but i do my own cooking aswell

Jaybee Fri 19-Mar-04 16:48:07

Also, I know that many of the flavourings in foods are incorporated into the food in flour, which means that some food that does not obviously contain gluten does.

Jimjams Fri 19-Mar-04 17:06:28

My son is on a very strict gluten free diet. Start shopping in Sainsbury's- they have a very good range.

Also ring round the customer services dept of the big supermarkets etc and they will send you a list of all the foods that don't contain gluten.

I've never managed to find edible bread- I make my own. If you have a spare afternoon ring Barbara Bread she'll give you MANY tips. (dont do it when you're in a rush though): Barbara's kitchen

Jimjams Fri 19-Mar-04 17:07:51

oh and another tip- when buying baking powder check the ingredients- one type (red lid) contains wheat flour.

Don't worry going gluten free is fairly easy these days- much easier than it was when we started only 2 years ago.

twiglett Fri 19-Mar-04 18:38:31

message withdrawn

charlieplus3 Fri 19-Mar-04 18:46:16

Me Bake

Jimjams Fri 19-Mar-04 19:04:04

I used to say that charlieplus. Unfortunately gluten free shop bread isn't fit for birds. Barbara's bread is good. A bread machine makes it easy peesy. I used to be a stranger to my kitchen.

Twiglett have you noticed the white bread flour on sale in Sainsbury's- its the same mix as nowmal (rice, potato and tapioca- and has xanthan gum added.)

princesspeahead Fri 19-Mar-04 19:04:42

charlie if you get onto the sainsbury's website and browse the "free from" aisle, it will give you a good idea of what is gluten free out there.

you WILL be baking if your son is gluten free I'm afraid! better dust off that apron . rice flour and potato flour are good substitutes for wheat....

twiglett Fri 19-Mar-04 19:06:43

message withdrawn

geogteach Fri 19-Mar-04 19:09:47

my brother and grandmother have celiac disease. You can get some gluten free products on prescription so you should definately check that out as it is cheaper. another regular product to watch is soy sauce some have wheat in.

charlieplus3 Fri 19-Mar-04 19:11:49

Sounds like it gets harder as they get older.

So next Christmas should i ask for a bread maker

twiglett Fri 19-Mar-04 19:17:05

message withdrawn

charlieplus3 Fri 19-Mar-04 19:23:08

His reaction to the porridge was bad which is odd as some coliac sufferers can eat a small amount of oats.

The Docter did say it was life long and woud'nt grow out of but you are right i know Twiglett. I supose it will become second nature to me n how to control it in how he is fed.

Jimjams Fri 19-Mar-04 19:30:15

Not sure twiglett- but they do a plain white flour- which is the same mix minus the xanthan gum (and therefore cheaper). I use that sometimes and just add the xanthan gum. I'm just too lazy to go to the Chinese supermarket and never seem to have the time to ring Barbara

charlieplus3 Fri 19-Mar-04 19:32:27

Does your bread taste nice jimjams? As in would you eat it?

Jimjams Fri 19-Mar-04 19:38:53

Not through choice, but if I had to (whereas I wouldn't eat the stuff from the shops but then neither do the boys- they both refuse it).

It is nice when its all warm and out of the oven.

Other people make things like soda bread, but mine kept going wrong.

Another staple is buckwheat pancakes (buckwheat and rice flour- despite the name buckwheat is gluten free- comes from beetroot I think)- they are delicious and I do eat them.

I have a child who will basically only eat bread though. if your child will eat proper food then its really quite easy. I do make lots of gluten free casseroles (no more ready sauces- but a bottle of veg juice does well), and gluten free lasagne is delicious. I keep dishing it up to the boys, and ds2 will eat it sometimes but not ds1 yet (he has food issues though).

twiglett Fri 19-Mar-04 20:48:23

message withdrawn

twiglett Fri 19-Mar-04 20:49:02

message withdrawn

charlieplus3 Fri 19-Mar-04 20:49:58

oh thats good news twiglett as i do alot of casseroles and spag bol etc for older Ds(22mths). What age can Ds have that sort of stuff? Hes 6 mths at mo

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