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Nursery/long term colds - should I be worried?

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Crumpet Fri 19-Mar-04 15:23:18

My dd (14 months) has been at nursery since 4.5 months, and started on formula milk at about the same time. Ever since then, she seems to have one cold after another. Not sure it's cows milk related (been on goats milk formula for the last month with no difference), and everyone says that kids at nursery always have colds. This seems excessive though. Doctor and HV don't seem at all concerned. Is there anything I can do to help her or has anyone else experienced this/know when its likely to end? She's cheerful, alert, eats & sleeps well. Any thoughts appreciated

tamum Fri 19-Mar-04 16:00:04

Well, not much help, but both my children were like this. My ds especially never seemed to go more than two weeks between colds. Neither of them ever drank formula, so I don't think it was that. My reason for posting is that IME it just stops, like that. Around 2 or a bit later depending on the season, but no later than 2.5. I told this to someone in another country who was going through the same thing and months later she emailed me and said to her amazement I was right, and it did just stop. You've got a while to go, I know, but I would have thought that by the end of next winter at the latest you'll be through with it. Everything else seems fine, doesn't it?
Chin up

SenoraPostrophe Fri 19-Mar-04 16:05:19

tamum, you've just made my day!

Dd is nearly 2, summer's coming up and maybe there's an end in sight to the constant colds then . Wouldn't be so bothered if she didn't keep giving them to her little brother ( she's not really bothered by them).

Crumpet Fri 19-Mar-04 16:08:21

Thanks tamum - it is a help to know others have experienced the same - the other children at the nursery somehow never seem as bad as mine, so I was beginning to wonder. Maybe I wouldn't have minded so much if I wasn't so bored with catching them myself!

tamum Fri 19-Mar-04 16:21:25

I do hope so, both of you! Quite a lot of people have said to me that they found the same thing, so I think it should be true for most children.

Northerner Fri 19-Mar-04 16:45:10

I second what has been said. My ds is 23 months and has been at nursery since 4 months old. His first winter was awful - contstant colds and ear aches etc. And miracalesly (sp?) this winter I think he's had 1 cold. So it does just stop.

nutcracker Fri 19-Mar-04 16:51:28

It does get better honest. With my dd1 she never had a cold until she was 1 because she didn't spend much time with other kids. When i had dd2 and dd1 went to,playgroup it was a constant round of coughs, colds e.t.c. One particular winter was hell, dd2 had pneumonia, then the day she got out of hospital dd1 had an ear infection then a week later they both had flu and then they both got chicken pox.
Thankfully we haven't had another winter as bad as that.
DD1 is 6 now and very rarely gets ill. DD2 is 4 and still quite suceptible because she's asthmatic but considering that she's not been too bad this year. Ds whos 1 seems to get everything thats going at the mo.

Crumpet Fri 19-Mar-04 17:00:16

thanks everyone - not that it's nice for you all to have been through this (especially your experiences nutcracker), but reassuring that it's not uncommon. now feel like I've been overanxious! off to pick up dd now.

Mo2 Fri 19-Mar-04 17:26:03

Yup - DS2 - 19 months has had a permanent cold/ cough since about October, and he's in nursery.

Worth checking however that it isn't anything like sinusitis - a friend's little boy had a permanently runny nose and then as soon as he had his adenoids out it cleared....

Roll on spring.
I seem to remember multivitamin drops helped with DS1 whos is now 4 and rarely gets anything!

(I keep myself going by telling myself that by the time they get to school they will have had everything!)

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