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doea anyone know what

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linzoid Fri 19-Mar-04 14:37:15

the symptoms of diabetes are and/or anything about hormone imbalance, testing for and treatment??

Northerner Fri 19-Mar-04 14:44:53

My Dad is an Insulin dependant diabetic. His syptoms included dramatic weight loss, unquenchable thirst, weeing alot and general fatigue. Can't help with the hormone imbalance.


M2T Fri 19-Mar-04 14:45:06

Hi Linzoid - I take it this is a follow on from you're other thread about your tiredness?

It's certainly a symptom, along with extreme thirst.

The hormone imbalance would perhaps cause a noted increase in weight?

Both would be discovered with a simple blood test... as would anaemia which also causes severe fatigue and lethargy....

Get down to your GP and have a blood sample taken, I'm sure they'll have it cleared up in a couple weeks.

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