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Red urine - dehydration?

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Lookingforadvice123 Tue 15-Apr-14 17:13:39

Hi all, I'm really worried about my husband and I'm hoping someone might be able to put my mind at rest as the first doctor appointment he could get is two weeks' time!

So my husband is 30, he has been doing the insanity workout at home for the past month, he is otherwise a gym goer and is fit. Yesterday he did his workout, went to use the loo before showering, and his wee was a really odd colour - it looked quite red in the toilet bowl, but when a tissue was dipped in it (sorry tmi!) it looked clear on the tissue, just like normal wee. He was really worried, we dipped a glass in the toilet bowl to have a closer look at it, there was definitely no 'streaks' of blood in it but it was such a weird colour, v deep amber/red tinge. He was really dehydrated yesterday, only had two glasses of water earlier on in the day, had drunk loads of coffee and hadn't been to the toilet for about 4 hours, which for him is really unusual as he usually ewes quite a lot, then did his workout which is high intensity. He drank loads of water after this happened, his next wee was the same weird colour but after that it went back to normal and has been since, he's been keeping up drinking plenty of water. He was definitely dehydrated yesterday, as he felt quite ill in the evening and was sick from having to have drunk so much water in a short space of time.

So does the weird colour wee sound like it could be purely related to the workout/dehydration? He doesn't have any other symptoms eg uti like symptoms, and his wee has been normal since he rehydrated. Typical me though I was calm(ish) when it happened as I could see he was freaking out, but since I have been over thinking it and worried something's wrong.

ParkingFred Thu 17-Apr-14 15:20:50

Yay! and, I told you so grin

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