how long is tonsillitis contagious for?

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MerlinsBeard Tue 22-Aug-06 11:21:22

DS1 has tonsillitis and started antibiotics yesterday (for the infection plus a mystery rash). he is much brighter but is missing his little friends as we have been quarunteened since saturday night. Is there a contagious stage or am i stuck in the house till its gone?

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SpanielEars Tue 22-Aug-06 13:49:58

does ds have yellow tonsils? if not then its just a sore throat (viral infection normally with a rash) so antibiotics won't help. my dd is a year and has had it 7 times or so we think as the doctors don't seem to know how to spot it!! you aren't contagious with true tonsilitus (as its bacterial)- unless your son goes around snogging that is .My dd goes to nursery and htey are happy to accept her with tonsillitis.

LIZS Tue 22-Aug-06 13:52:16

I'm not sure it is truly contagious either, unelss he is planning to share saliva ! After a day or two of ab's he should be fine anyway.

SpanielEars Tue 22-Aug-06 13:54:47

abs won't help itf it viral. sorry to be ascare monger but we were fobbed off with tonsillitus and dd ended up in hospital after abs with a severe viral infection. i don't think you have to train to be a GP anymore!!!

MerlinsBeard Tue 22-Aug-06 15:45:02

he has white spots on his tonsils and tongue and honking breath! AB's helping him, he is a million times better. Had a group on that he could have gone to but thought it best to give it a miss.

Hes not a kisser so they would have been safe!:D

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Alibaldi Tue 22-Aug-06 15:46:44

I was told 24/48 hours on the AB's and then you should be fine. Still taking mine by the way for my Strepthroat and getting there, give your Ds1 a huge hug from me and tell him I know how painful it can be. Oh and no kissing

SpanielEars Tue 22-Aug-06 15:48:38

def tonsillitus then. its rank when they breath on you isn't it!. To be honest although he isn't contagious he prob doens't feel much like socialising anyway. i used to suffer with it as a kid and so did Dh so it was a pretty good guess that dd would. Has he had it before? did you suffer from it as a kid?


MerlinsBeard Tue 22-Aug-06 15:52:47

i had horrible tonsilitis as a child, missed loads of school and felt like every 3 weeks or so i was off then my sis was off then i wa off again. had them out when i was 7. Its ds1's first time and the first time hes been properly ill as well. at least i know if i get desperate for a breath of fresh air i can take him to the park and not have to worry about them all having sore throats b4 we leave!

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MerlinsBeard Tue 22-Aug-06 15:53:15

ali, how long have you had it for?

And he wouldn't let me hug him,he's glued to the telly!

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SpanielEars Tue 22-Aug-06 16:00:57

bless him. i feel for him. i spoke to a peadiatrician about taking dds out when she is older and he reckons they won't do it no matter how much school they miss or how often they get it. When i asked why he just changed the subject. what a shame as i know that when i had mine out i felt a whole let better after!!!

MerlinsBeard Tue 22-Aug-06 16:03:19

i had such a fab time when i had mine out loL!

don;t remember any pain or anything like that(had my adenoids done at the same time) but remember a huuuuge teddy on the bed, a telly (we didn;t have one at home at the time) cornish pasty, soft cooked carrots and mint choc chip ice cream - mmmmmmmmmmm

dunno why i remember that lol

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SpanielEars Tue 22-Aug-06 16:09:40

i remember having to eat toast before i left the hospital. Sadistic nurses!!!!

SpanielEars Tue 22-Aug-06 16:09:43

i remember having to eat toast before i left the hospital. Sadistic nurses!!!!

Lindasmt1 Thu 30-Jan-20 08:34:46

My doctor said tonsillitis can be bacterial or viral and it's very difficult for them to tell which by just looking at it. He said 1 is contagious and 1 isn't so therefore couldnt tell me which 1 my ds has

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