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DD has a lump on her gum.....what could it be ????

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nutcracker Thu 18-Mar-04 17:17:19

My 6yr old dd has just shown me a pea sized lump on her lower gum, inside not out iykwim.
She said it only hurts when she touches it.

I haven't got a clue what it is.

dinosaur Thu 18-Mar-04 17:18:50

Mmmm, don't know. I had abcesses on my gums caused by tooth decay when I was a kid, but they were on the outside not the inside.

hercules Thu 18-Mar-04 17:20:25

Give a dentist a call. I've goy advice over the phone before no probs.

nutcracker Thu 18-Mar-04 17:20:43

Could it really be an absess ?? I take really good care of her teeth. She has a check up every 6 mths ( well nearly) and has never had any probs before.
God i'll feel awful if it's an abcess.

dinosaur Thu 18-Mar-04 17:22:04

If she has no tooth decay, it's unlikely to be an abcess. My teeth were quite bad by the time the abcesses developed.

lou33 Thu 18-Mar-04 17:23:01

What colour is it?

nutcracker Thu 18-Mar-04 17:27:18

It's the same colour as the rest of her gum.

I have just asked her to clench her teeth to see if it hurts then. She said it doesn't.

lavender1 Thu 18-Mar-04 18:02:31

a bit daft to say I know but is it an ulcer, sorry if you've already done that check is good

lou33 Thu 18-Mar-04 18:17:29

The dentist my kids see say that an abcess is white. Or am I dreaming (jasper?!!)?

lou33 Thu 18-Mar-04 18:17:55

Could it be another tooth coming through?

whymummy Thu 18-Mar-04 18:20:33

could it be a new tooth?ds had a lump behind his front tooth and it happened to be an extra tooth,also you can get an abssess if she had a little scratch in her mouth,i got one from eating crisps and got an abssess on the roof of my mouth

nutcracker Thu 18-Mar-04 18:27:58

Don't think it's a new tooth, she hasn't lost any of her milk teeth yet (much to her disgust).

My mom said it could be a gum boil ??

lou33 Thu 18-Mar-04 18:28:35

Could still be a new tooth coming through tho.

nutcracker Thu 18-Mar-04 18:29:05

It's not hard either

nutcracker Thu 18-Mar-04 18:29:48

When she had her tea, she said that the bottom of her mouth was hurting but not the lump ????

kiwisbird Thu 18-Mar-04 19:04:52

I used to get round pea sized firm lumps between my tongue and inside gum... They were sore then if you press them really hard with your finger or tongue they pop and are full of water, like a blister, apparently mine are caused from sucking sweets or biting my fingernails and then chewing them and stuff for ages...
Just a thought might not b ethat of course

zebra Thu 18-Mar-04 19:13:58

I have a talent for biting some part of inside of my mouth, it swells up and goes lumpy. Then it gets harder not to bite again! And certain hard foods, like crisp, can cut the gum, too. Maybe it's as simple as she bit herself or ate something too hard?

nutcracker Thu 18-Mar-04 19:36:23

Kiwisbird - It does feel like it would pop if i pressed it, not that she'll let me of course.

I have just brushed her teeth and the gum around the lump was bleeding.

SecondhandRose Thu 18-Mar-04 19:54:41

If it looks like it may be an abscess, you could sterilise a pin (hold it with tweezers and hold over a flame) you can pop it, if it drains pus you need to get to the dentist as she has a dead/dying tooth (no need to panic).

Or you could stroke her jaw upwards on that side and if it's sore it may burst on it's own with the stroking pressure.

If it is pus in there, she will get considerable relief from it being popped but you must see a dentist pretty soon afterwards.

She could well have a tooth coming through at the back she should have 4 molars coming through one in each corner. She won't lose other molars b4 these come through so just check it's not that.

Whatever you do it sounds like the dentist needs to see her.

nutcracker Fri 19-Mar-04 18:03:46

Just to let you know that it seems to be alot better today. The lump is half the size it was.

StripyMouse Fri 19-Mar-04 18:09:05

nutcracker, I get these lumps (sounds similar to kiwisbird) and went to the doctor with them ages ago. I was told it was a harmless cyst and would go away on it’s own accord. They were sometimes as big as you describe and only sore when I prodded it - more irritating as I was constantly aware of them pressing onto the inside of my cheek when they came in cerain places that would rub. They would jsut get slowly bigger and then reduce in a couple of days or sometimes would get bigger and pop - bit like a spot but clear fluid.
If it were an abcess she would be in constant nagging pain and possibly running a temp. As it is going down by itself I would leave it alone but if it gets any worse check it out with a dentist to check it isn’t a tooth coming through at a weird angle.

lovelyladi Fri 01-Aug-08 15:05:41

I have two lumps on my gum on the inner part right under my tongue..Although they are not sore but very hard..It looks very werid!I'm in no pain at all and they are the size of peas i have enough room between them to put my baby finger tip!If it was a blister wouldn't it hurt?My gums sometimes bleed when i brush my teeth..I got an appointment with the doctor today to find out what it is..I did some reading tho, and it could be swollen saliva ducts.Thats all i am hopeing it is..

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