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Vik Khullar on NHS for prolapse repair

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babynelly2010 Sun 06-Apr-14 00:48:54


It is now determined that I will need posterior prolapse repair. I am considering going private but because time is not an issue for me I am still wondering about NHS to save some money. Did anyone had Vik Khullar with NHS and how was your experience like? I am don't want any students working on me and my biggest scare that when I am out he will let students work on me but if I go private he will do all the work and I hear he is amazing. Any advice please.

1966gettingold Sun 06-Apr-14 07:21:37

Miss Sohier Elneil is another top top uro/gynae ,prolapse is her specialist area, look up her credentials I am seeing her for other things. She is also in London works out of Harley street also at UCHL. I am seeing her private, however great the NHS is you get much better treatment and care privately, 0% interest credit cards are very useful

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