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low grade dyskaryosis

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MakeTeaNotWar Sat 05-Apr-14 13:06:22

I've always had normal smears but this latest one has come back saying I've got low grade dyskaryosis. The letter goes on to say that my sample was also tested for HPV which was not present so there is no recall for further testing, I should just attend my routine smear in March 2017. So errrr even though the letter says not to worry about it, of course I am! I think until recently, a result of low grade dyskaryosis would have least meant a second test in 6 months

MegaClutterSlut Sat 05-Apr-14 14:55:35

I think you would've been tested in 6 mths if you had HPV but because there is no hpv present the chances of it developing into cervical cancer is low. Also the cells can change back to normal by themselves but I do completely understand why your worried though

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