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Period length after Mirena fitted - when to worry?

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CelticJuggler Fri 04-Apr-14 16:45:49

Got my Mirena fitted at the start of March about a week after my period started; have had the expected spotting for about 3 weeks after that, but nothing worrying.

Started my first period on the 21st March (so about a week early for my normal cycle but again I was warned this might happen) but it's still going two weeks later! To be honest, compared to my normal periods, I'm not losing much blood but it is constant and definitely more than spotting.

At what point do I start to worry?

HappyCria Fri 04-Apr-14 16:54:35

The doctors are trying to get me to try the mirena and this is the exact reason why I don't want to.

I bled almost constantly for 6 months with the implant before I got it removed and then the same happened on cerezzete for 9 months before I gave up on it to.

They are telling me that there is such a low dose of hormone that enters your system with the mirena that it wouldn't happen but I don't trust that it won't.

Sorry that's not much help to you. I wouldn't worry about it but if you aren't happy I would go back to the doctor and discuss it with them.

CelticJuggler Sat 05-Apr-14 06:55:30

Not unhappy with it; but just a bit hmm as it's been two weeks.

Got my six-week check in a couple of weeks so will mention it then I guess.

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