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Breast lump?

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OnlyGirlinmyHouse Fri 04-Apr-14 11:03:07

I think i have found a lump in my breast, but i'm not entirely sure. I know that probably sounds stupid, but I am veering between telling myself it's not a lump, it's just lumpy breast tissue, and then thinking it is definitely a lump.

I have made a doctors appointment for the 15th, as it is obviously better to get it checked out. But i was just wondering, how obvious are lumps in breasts?! Does the fact that i am not entirely sure that its even a lump mean that it is more likely to be nothing to worry about. I know it's probably nothing to worry about anyway.

Sorry, i'm waffling. Anyone care to share any of their experiences with me.

BackforGood Fri 04-Apr-14 11:10:55

It's not stupid at all. We all have this "well it couldn't happen to me" defence mechanism in us so what your fingers can feel and what your brain can accept are different even if it were golf ball size.
For me, it was pea sized, but fairly obviously a lump IYSWIM, but it is SO different for every different person, you are doing absolutely the right thing to get it checked out.
I'm led to believe that 9/10 lumps found are NOT cancerous, and ot of those that are, there is an incredibly high rate of those cancers being entirely curable.
If you go into General Health, there is an ongoing thread running called Tamoxifen (it is probably called Tamoxifen 64 or something by now). All the ladies on there will hold your hand and answer all your questions, however daft or silly or trivial them may seem - if you are wondering about them, then they are not daft.

Now, anything else I can help with for now ?

OnlyGirlinmyHouse Fri 04-Apr-14 11:41:56

Thanks for your reply. The more i think about it, i think it doesn't feel like a defined lump. It is probably nothing, but it is a change so will definitely get it checked out.

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