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Champix question!

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AllFurCoat Fri 04-Apr-14 10:02:37

I've just taken my first tablet today and am rather excited! I'm a little confused though, when I saw the nurse, she told me to give it at least 2 days to get in my system, but that I must quit by day 6. At the time I thought that's not quite right as everyone I know that's taken it has said they were told to stop after a week, but thought maybe it had changed.

Reading through the leaflet, it confirms what I thought, that I should stop between day 8 and 14. So do I follow the leaflet or what the nurse said? Tbh I don't have a lot of confidence in her, especially as she said she's just done it and stopped the tablets before the 3 months hmm I'm aware I'll probably not want to smoke much leading up to day 8 anyway, but I'm confused. I was all set to stop on Monday after her advice, but am thinking I should keep going for a few more days? Probably not the wisest idea to quit during the Easter holidays grin

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