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Having impacted wisdom teeth out under GA, what to expect?

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Marne Thu 03-Apr-14 13:27:23

Hi, just looking for some reassurance, I am a bit of a wimp and have never had a GA, I hate the dentist so was referred to the hospital to look into getting some teeth removed, today I have been told I need 6 teeth taken out including 3 wisdom teeth ( one at the top which is broken and the 2 bottom ones which are impacted ), I was a little shocked as the bottom ones have never given me problems.

Anyway they are going to knock me out to do it and I have been told I will need stitches, I am anxious about the GA and worried how it will feel when I come round ( the stitches, bleeding, numbness ect...).

Has anyone else had their wisdom teeth out under GA, how was recovery and were you in pain when you woke up?

frazzledbutcalm Thu 03-Apr-14 14:25:20

I had my 3 wisdom teeth out under GA. 2 weren't even through the gum but were bad inside apparently, so gum had to be cut open and teeth removed that way. Had stitches. Don't remember numbness or much bleeding even. It was fine. Wouldn't really say I was sore, but I couldn't open my mouth more than a centimetre ... I wasn't prepared for that. Think I could open it more the next day as I only remember not being able to eat the same day I'd had the teeth out. Gargled with salty water every day and was fine.

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