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Depo/Bleeding problems

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julielizzy Wed 02-Apr-14 15:29:00

This is a long shot and I'm at my wits end and I hoping someone has some experience as to what I can do.

I have been on the depo contraception for the majority of the time since my son was born 18 years ago. I had no problems at all, no bleeding except in week eleven and the injection was moved to this week and that rectified that. In 2012 my youngest was born and post birth the depo was the choice of contraception. I had the first injection and bleed 50% of the time. I mentioned this at the next injection and was referred to a GP.

The GP advised a smear and it came back abnormal, in April 2013 I had the abnormal cells removed and they were type 3cnn.

I am still having bleeding 50% of the time and keep getting referred back to the GP's who seem very disinterested. I've had 'well this sometimes happens with depo', 'its your age', 'see a female GP', 'you could change contraception but your likely to have the same problems', 'it takes 2 years for your hormones to settle down after a baby'.

I've got my next injection due in 3 weeks and know the question is likely to come up again. I'm tempted to lie because I know I'm going to have to see a GP again and I end up feeling that the GP is taking the attitude 'why are you wasting my time?'. Also I'm not sure telling porkies is a good idea just incase previous GPs are missing something.

I also cannot understand how you can use a form of contraception for so many years and have no problems and then all of a sudden you do?

Has anyone got any suggestions as what to do?

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